Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A little too calm: Essie Baby Cakes

Today I'm bringing you a really low-key, mellow polish. It's not flashy, it's not crazy, it's not any particular season, but I quite like it.

Like a lot of purples, it was hard to photograph, so I did some 'on-the-run' photos (like the second one - in my car) and still failed to show the shimmer in this polish. Honestly though, I've been seeing a lot of pictures lately of polishes that are mostly creme but have hidden shimmer *cough* Chanel Paradoxal *cough* where people only show pictures with the shimmer extremely visible, and I find it incredibly inaccurate and deceptive to the reader. So here is Essie Baby Cakes, as it often appears in reality:

Please excuse my dry cuticles - this was a time when I had to wear nitrile gloves every minute in the lab (Yay for my new latex allergy....) and rub alcohol on my hands constantly.

Essie Baby Cakes is a very pale purple polish with hidden fuchsia shimmer - the shimmer is so fine that it is very hard to capture - rather than add a new texture to the polish, it lends it a glow and makes the polish seem to have a jelly-ish texture. Think Essie Demure Vixen - but light purple. (Comparison bottle shots here.)

This is one I've reached for many times - it may not be the most exciting polish in the world, but it has a really calm vibe that I really like - like a soothing semi-opaque gemstone (light purple jade?). Right now though, I think this is a little boring for the bright/hot weather out so I'll be switching soon!

What polish has a calming effect on you?


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tasha~ said...

I like it.. very pretty and simple. I might have to try it!

KarenD said...

This is very pretty!

Shiny! said...

What a sweet and indeed calm color, I wouldn't wear it everyday but there's days where I prefer a polish like this. I like it :)

mKat said...

Very pretty - as usual - kitty! Pastels look so lovely on you.

kittytokaren said...

@tasha - Simple is a great way to describe this!

@KarenD - Thanks lovely!

@Shiny! - (Love your name...the sentiment is spot on.) And exactly - I'm not so much in the mood for it right now, but it has its place and I've chosen it many times. :)

@mKat - Thank you! Every time I look at the site I still can't believe how incredible it looks!!! You = total pro. This would probably look white on other people, but because im so pale it comes out a colour...im practically translucent. Only person I know paler is the hubs (plus he burns, I don't!). If we ever procreate, get ready for a new breed of ghost.


mKat said...

Hahahaha @ "new breed of ghost". Awesome!

Maybe you can implant some of the genetic material that makes phosphorescent orchids... :)

And thanks. I hope it is working as it should be, more or less. I was really nervous about it since I don't really do this all that much and I didn't really have anybody to ask about it. (My bf, while a techie, knows NOTHING about webpage design. I imagine when I go to build my flash photography site later in the summer he'll be no help then, either.) :P

kittytokaren said...

Ahhh he's a techie and was no help??! I'm sure he can be useful (think foot massage....)! I can't wait to see your photography site....

mKat said...

As he, and others, have pointed out... tech does not equal web programmer. :p (But, I would argue, neither does environmental studies student.) LOL

Alison said...

This so pretty on you but Pale purples always look awful on me (I'm just too pale and get corpse hands with them!)

Arrianne said...

I appreciate that you do show it as it mostly appears. You really do look great in pastels and I love your pale skin.

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