Friday, July 9, 2010

Oranje Boven!!: Essie Cantaloupe

The little tiny country I call home - The Netherlands - is in the World Cup final!!! I don't know how many of you are following the soccer, but this is a very big deal to me and to everyone back home! I felt like I had to wear something in the orange family to commemorate this and to wish them luck for the match against Spain on Sunday!

I've been lusting after Essie Cantaloupe for a while, tried to swap in vain, and finally pulled the eBay trigger. So glad I did! I've never liked cantaloupe the fruit - I call it 'the icky orange melon' - but I am loving Cantaloupe the polish!

I never thought anything so orange could look this decent on me! I feel like this should be a part of my "Quest for Coral", but what it really is is a soft melon - it is a little bit muted, but bright and punchy enough to stay out of Grandma territory. It's a juicy summer colour and definitely has that zest I've been craving recently. Plus, I got more than a few compliments on it! (Hi Eleanor, if you're reading this!)

I think I've changed my mind on this 'icky orange melon' - it's quite delicious!

Are you supporting your team with a mani right now? Are you cheering for Holland (Yay!) or Spain (Boo!)?


P.S. Hup Holland Hup!

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sonidlo said...

Tkank you for writing about this color!

Anonymous said...

I am rooting for Spain in the final (longtime fan here) but I am very very glad and happy for the Netherlands - they've truly gone beyond everyone's expectations.

Lovely colour, I like this on you. This is untried for me but I'm tempted to break this out after seeing your photo. :)

Michelle said...

This looks really pretty on you! Oh, and Hup Holland Hup! ;)

Aline said...

I am Austrian but before I moved to the US I lived in the Netherlands for 7 years, so I am all team Holland. I am wearing Orange Marmalade on my toes and I will also be wearing OPI Atomic Orange for the final.

I think you need to go much more orange!!

OH MY POLISH! said...

I really love this color! looks fab on you!

Ahh, I hate sports but most of my family is from Spain so I guess if I were following I'd be going for espannaaa ;P

milan and vanaily said...

ah I'm also on a request for the prefect coral.
But this is so cute. it's not a discontinued color is it?

Piff said...

I think you've found the coral! This one is perfection!

Crystaliciousss said...

hahha i read dutch as easy as english, but oranje boven is not really a common saying :)
hup holland hup!
nice color ;)

tasha~ said...

Cute color! Most of my friends here lost interest in the world cup after Brazil and Argentina lost!! Being half Dutch I hope Holland wins ;)

Apriltini said...

Netherlands all the way!

I was so very disappointed that Germany lost to Spain. I was hoping for a Netherlands-Germany game. I lived right near the border for almost four years, and have a lot of love for both countries.

kittytokaren said...

@sonidlo - You're most welcome - I am really loving it!

@bellebathandbeyond - Blasphemy!! However, I have to respect long-time fans :) Definitely break out this colour - its a winner!

@Michelle - Wooo! Go Oranje!!!

@Aline - Where in Holland did you live?? This is sadly the most orange polish I have! My lucky polish for the Dutch is DS Glow so I'll probably be wearing that again for the game...but I will also be in a crazy orange outfit from head to toe!!

@Oh my Polish - Thank you!! And I highly suggest you change your allegiance! If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!

@milan and vanaily - I haven't seen this colour at Ulta, but it is on the Essie website so I don't think its discontinued!

@Piff - Yes!! The more I look at it the more I think the same thing! I am so happy I have this one!

@Crystaliciouss - Oranje boven definitely isn't a saying - imagine I was singing it in the title!! You know the song everyone yells on Koninginnedag? Woo Hup Holland Hup!!

@tasha - Yes! Another vote for Holland!! :)

@Apriltini - I was so disappointed as well - my mother is German and she was very sad! But a Dutch-Germany final would be very hard for my family to deal with!! So you speak Dutch and German?


Aline said...

I lived in Amsterdam and later in Delft. I miss it a lot. Also my dad is German so I was rooting for Germany too but more for Holland.

Pretty said...

wow wow so pretty a color..!

I think I'm probably going to go for Amsterdam.. I have an aunt that lives there.. and although it's not Amsterdam.. I lived in Copenhagen for a summer.. and it was awesome... I love that northern euro city life. Trying to figure out how to move/live over there.

kittytokaren said...

@Aline - You and I have similar allegiances!

@Pretty - Thank you! I also really miss northern euro city life...badly...


April said...

Hup Holland Hup! Congratulations Oranje! Total Football!

Apriltini said...

I used to understand a bit of German, but never took the time to learn. Hanging around military bases in Germany, often I'd start off in German, and the shopkeeper would answer in English, so I gave up. :D You can always spot the American. lol

Anonymous said...

Hup Holland Hup! I´m rooting for the Dutch, being Dutch myself :D And it's a lovely colour :)

kittytokaren said...

@April - Yay!!! Thanks for the support!!!

@Apriltini - Ahhh so you're an Ami! Didn't know that! I always think its hilarious when they answer people in English...I was in France with some American friends once, and my French is *horrific*, but they answered me in French in stores. My American friends who spoke beautiful French were greeted with English responses. The difference? Clothes. I wore nice pants, a trench and a handbag. Them: white sneakers, jeans, hoodies and backpacks. Easy marks!

@caligoangelus - Woo another Nederlander!! And thanks I love this colour!


Lucy said...

Lovely shade. I also love the fruit. Sorry you didn't win.

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