Friday, July 2, 2010

A Spring/Summer Fav: OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta

What does everyone think of the new layout???? I am lovin' it! Thanks again to the amazing mKat, and our reader Heidi for the beautiful banner pic that inspired it all...

I tried to make my Top 20 list and it was way harder than I thought it would be. All I can tell you right now is that this polish would be on it. OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta is one of my favourite colours of all time for spring/summer and I have already worn it a bunch already this season!

In the bottle it looks like a kind of murky lilac, but on the nail is a bright, yet not bold, pinky lilac colour. It has a tinch of grey in it that keeps it from being a candy pastel and makes it a very neutral colour in my spring/summer wardrobe.

OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta:

See the hidden shimmer? It's a lot like the shimmer in Chanel Nouvelle Vague or Jade...or maybe OPI Japanese Rose Garden.

The formula on this is great. The first coat goes on super super sheer, but it builds quickly and I think this is two coats plus touch-ups. I just think this colour is so classy and elegant, yet completely perfect for the season!

What are some of your favourite polishes this spring/summer?


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Millie said...

Very pretty on you! Looks work appropriate too. Reminds me of Demure Vixen.

Nailspotting said...

I think the new layout is great! It's light, airy and easy to navigate, good job you guys!

tasha~ said...

The new layout is amazing! Congrats ;) And I agree that is a beautiful color on you !!

aaminahs mom said...

i really do like the new page its fresh appearance draws me in so the initials of the bottle are higher ed degrees huh.let me know

susies1955 said...

Love, love, love the new layout. SO much space and clean looking.
LOVE the polish too. I want. :)
A reminder to join in on my giveaway. :)

mKat said...

I love the duochrome appearance of Puerto Vallarta Violetta! Gorgeous on you. :)

kittytokaren said...

@Millie - Thanks! I think it is work appropriate...I don't think its very much like Demure Vixen at all though (and I love that one as well)

@Nailspotting - Thanks!! All applause should go to mKat - she's a genius!!

@tasha - I love it too!! Thanks :)

@aaminahsmom - Yes, they're higher ed degrees! :)

@susies - Yay glad you like it!

@mKat - My pics must be awful - there's no duochrome in this at all! I suck...


mKat said...

LOL! It could be me, my eyes or my monitor! Your pics are gorgeous.

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