Monday, July 26, 2010

True Grey: RBL Concrete Jungle

Grey is just fantastic. Worn-to-tissue-paper grey t-shirts...buttery soft leather Lanvin bags...those grey suede pumps that make me feel sexy and cool (and tall)...all things that harbour amazing memories and feelings of comfort and home, but still evoke an alluring sense of coolness and self-confidence that I don't *quite* possess.

I've always loved grey, even to a point where my wardrobe became utterly uninteresting for a while back there in the 90s. So of course I'm totally psyched that grey nail polish has become 'a thing' sometime last year (2 years ago? I'm old..time flies). There are so many different grey hues - ranging from taupe to slate to dusky purple. But this is the truest grey I own! Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle:

Normally I wouldn't post a photo that's partially in the shade, but I think it a) looks cool, b) gives you an idea of how the colour can look in reality. I've heard some people call this a blue-grey, but on me it's just the truest grey that can be. I love it with pale pinks in the summer and navy blues in the's never loud, never overdone, but also never tame and boring. I get a lot of compliments and questions on this one - makes me feel like the rockstar trendsetter that I most certainly am not!

It shames me to say it, but I also wear this one under a lot of other polishes (OPI Brand New Skates, for example). What a waste of an RBL, you say? I know...but it's just so perfect because it applies gorgeous in one coat, so it's easy to throw on under things to make them opaque! Seriously, another RBL one coat wonder. Worth the money, in my opinion.

So now that grey has been 'hip' for a while, what's your favourite grey polish??


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jaljen said...

You know what? On my Mac this is blue blue blue. In the bottle and on the nail.


KarenD said...

I love this one, and Stormy. SH Xtreme Wear Wet Cement is another favorite of mine.

Aurora's Nails said...

OMG I want this soooo bad. I feel like after reading all the reviews and seeing the pictures, this is worth the RBL prices!

Danica said...

It is not a waste to wear them under another color. You're still wearing it no matter what! I need to get my hands on a good grey, maybe I'll make one!

Rachael said...

Beautiful blue-grey. My favorite grey is China Glaze Recycle - a great medium-dark grey that I often return to. - Rachael

milan and vanaily said...

This grey looks quite nice!

Grace said...

Love it! I'll put in another vote for China Glaze Recycle. It's one of my favorite polishes, and definitely my favorite grey, although, it does require 3 coats (for me). I've been wanting an RBL grey for a while, but I can never decide between Concrete Jungle or Stormy (unable to justify getting both at that price) and so here I sit with neither :( One of these days I'll take the plunge.

Michelle said...

I'm also a sucker for greys. I love Orly Mirror Mirror, my favourite.

Lucy said...

This polish looks gorgeous on your nails. I thinks it's also the best grey. Another favorite of mine is Sally Hansen's Wet Cement. I don't wear grey that often but RBL is the best.

tasha~ said...

I'm not a big gray fan but this blue-ish/gray is totally up my alley! I just never have the money to get RBLs... sniff! sniff!

Ping said...

Grey is such an awesome shade--so chic. My favorite grey is China Glaze Recycle. This one looks lovely on you :)

kittytokaren said...

Wow! Everyone seems to have cast their vote for Recycle!! It must be very impressive :)

@jaljen - Weird - I'm on a Mac too! Well, in person (and to my eyes at least) it reads grey. Sorry about that!

@KarenD - I've always debated getting Stormy...worth it?

@Aurora - The one-coat perfection alone is worth the cash!!

@Danica - I'm almost ashamed to have purchased a grey because so many ladies make them and they look gorgeous! Give it a shot!

@Rachael - Definitely a lot of Recycle love out there! Do you have pics?

@milan - Thank you!

@Grace - I made the same decision! I hemmed and hawed between CJ and Stormy. I eventually chose CJ but I'm still wondering what Stormy looks like!!

@Michelle - Ooo that one has a bit of shimmer right?

@Lucy - Thank you!! I think this is the best too, primarily because of application, but I think the colour is also amazing!! Just soft enough...but still has an edge :)

@tasha - Aww! RBLs like this are so worth it - the one-coaters like Dead Calm, Teal, Mismas and this are just perfection. There is a half-off sale coming up in November - maybe you could try some then???

@Ping - I agree - chic is a great word for grey!


augusta said...

my favorite grey that i own is moon over mumbai

kelliegonzo said...

this is super gorgeous! i really love milky greys.

faerieberry said...

I've been wanting a Lanvin bag for ages! *sigh* day... and I am a HUGE fan of grey clothing too. I think brown + grey is super chic, and I love it accented with bright bursts of color, like yellow or hot pink.

This looks lovely on you! : ) It's the only RBL I am still lemming. Stormy is already in my collection, and I love it, but I am really liking blue-leaning greys these days. I've read Ji Baek is thinking about discontinuing this one, so I plan to add it to the cart when I pre-order the new Tudor collection.

extraH said...

Oh, I do love this color on you! I have not yet purchased a single RBL, but i'm sure the time is coming, especially with reviews like this. yowza!

Aaren said...

I SO want Moon over Mumbai! *sigh* I own both RBL greys and am hugely fond of Stormy, but for those of you interested in Concrete Jungle, it is going to be discontinued, so be sure to get it while you can!

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