Friday, July 30, 2010

Zoya Trixie

During every phase of my life, there have always been several constants: I have always had a very loyal and entertaining set of family and friends, I have always craved macaroni and cheese at any given point and I have always loved silver polish. Whether my nails were nubbins or talons, nicely filed or chewed to a ragged edge, I have always owned at least one polish and odds are that it was silver.

A good silver polish, I would argue, goes with almost every skin tone and almost any outfit, and that is versatility that we all crave, is it not? Silvers can range from glitters to foils and everything in between, and Zoya Trixie is nestled right in between. It's super shiny surface and dusting of sparkle are always this side of perfect.

Zoya - Trixie (lamp)

Zoya - Trixie (shade)

The only issue I have ever had with this polish is its wear; before learning about the correct combination of base and top coats with Zoya, I never seemed to be able to get my Zoyas to last more than a day on my nails before looking like I went rock climbing on a wet day. I am happy to say that a base coat of NailTek Foundation II, two coats of color and then a thick coat of Zoya Armour seems to work well for me. The only thing that stood in my way from a perfect mani with this polish this time was a lovely smattering of sheet marks... if only Armour was quick-drying. BLAST!

Ahhh, the shine. Who can deny the shine!

Happy day, all!

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Ping said...

Oh, I definitely need a good, reliable silver polish. This one just may fit the bill!

mKat said...

This is really very pretty! I don't think I've ever tried to wear silver on its own like this. Very classy looking!

I notice you're holding Seche Vite... have you tried pairing that with it?

extraH said...

@Ping - It is a fab silver polish if you're looking for a little sparkle as well!

@mKat - Ahhh, thanks so much for asking! I was trying to take photos when I didn't have my polish around, so that's why I am holding the SV. As an initial top coat, I use Armour, but the day after I sometimes slap a coat of SV on there for extra measure. I don't know why or if it actually does this, but I feel like it protects it. Who knows! And as for silver alone, I really do like wearing it on it's own, I think you should try it! : )

Mari said...

I love this polish, it's my only silver and it's so perfect I haven't bothered looking at any others.

Lucy said...

Silver is a classic like red and gold. I bought the Zoya system and I didn't find my polish lasting any longer than usual. Love all of the metallics.

Apriltini said...

Love Trixie. It's my only silver, and so perfect I don't need or want another. :)

Aurora's Nails said...

That is a nice shimmer. Not bland, not too flashy. Very sophisticated.

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