Monday, August 23, 2010

Essie Fall 2010, Part II of II: Little Brown Dress, Velvet Voyeur, and Limited Addiction

Cuticles are still travel ravaged. And I tried using the Nfu.Oh cuticle remover (like, for real, not on fairly neat cuticles while wearing nail polish) and gotta say, I find it pretty useless! No removing powers as far as I could see. So I went back to my trusty old Blue Cross Cuticle Remover and voila! a good job done quickly for far cheaper.

Anyway, here are the rest of the Essie Fall 2010 samples that their PR folks sent me. Predictably, I was less excited by these than the first three I showed but they are actually very nice polishes nonetheless. All three are very glossy without topcoat, which is always a plus (even though I never fail to put on topcoat unless it's a matte finish).

Essie Little Brown Dress

Dark and delicious. Applied very easily and neatly in two thin coats. It's such a warm, fall/winter color. It definitely can appear near black in some lights (as in the second picture) but in other lights, it's more obviously brown (as in the first).

Essie Limited Addiction
I just don't like the way reds look on me. This one was not particularly stunning to me one way or another besides that it's super glossy (almost jelly-like). Nice that it was opaque in two coats though! I did find this one harder to apply for some reason: a little gloopier than the others, perhaps? Or maybe I just have an unconscious bias against reds. :P

Essie Velvet Voyeur

Great little vampy shade, so glossy that it almost looks jelly. Nothing particularly new but a pretty good execution of a staple shade. Two coats, good application. It does mostly look like it's a very dark purple but it can look close to black at times.

I feel so gross to have not exercised at all right before I left for Chicago until the day after I arrived home. I ate sooo much crap -- and, let's face it, drank toooo much -- at the conference. I guess I'll be not getting 31 polishes in September. :( Aug 20th (40m cardio), Aug 21st (20m cardio), Aug 22nd (45m cardio+strength).

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Piff said...

IDK what it is but I am in love with this collection.

Sarah B. said...

The 1st one really reminds me of melted chocolate.

I absolutely LOVE Velvet Voyeur!

Lucy said...

Your nails look nibble worthy. Lovely chocolately shade. I'm going to skip these three. I definitely have all three of these type shades many times over.

Adrienne said...

can't wait to get Little Brown dress in my next humungo haul!

Sandi said...

The over/bad eating and too much alcohol is a requirement at conventions and conferences isn't it? I used to bring a small cooler as a carry on for make up, etc (they were a LOT less anal retentive 20 years ago about carry ons) to seminars/conventions/training and filling it full of cheese, fruit and deli meats when I got there. I just can't do restaurant food three meals a day, I don't care how good it is.

I think the red looks fab on you.

flinty said...

@piff: I really like it too. I think it's pretty nicely rounded. Has a few awesome colors, has great examples of staples. All good. :)

@sarah: It's totally melted dark chocolate on nails. :D

@lucy: they're good examples of shades but not really super worth getting if you already have vampy and red staples.

@adrienne: enjoy! It applied so well!

@sandi: LOL, I think it must be a requirement. A small cooler is a great idea. Maybe I'll try that next time! Thanks for the idea! (And thanks! I don't know why I don't like reds that much...)

Anonymous said...

I love the chocolate like shade!
You have an award waiting on my blog! :)

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