Friday, August 13, 2010

The Hunt For Red (By) October, Part 1

Confession time. I'm red-a-phobic. Even though its very classic, and I see it on people all the time, and it looks great, I always feel really self-conscious putting on red polish! I always feel like it screams out loud in comparison to my whisper of a skin tone. But for some reason, I've been hankering for a red mani that works, and I'm now on a quest for my perfect red.

OK this takes some cojones for me.....*deep breath* OPI Vodka & Caviar:

Flinty told me she really liked this on me, so that must mean something, right?

OK so I'm still a little terrified. I'm not completely sure what it is about this one, but I'm not convinced that it's my ideal red. I used to have one from EZ Flow Systems (I think?) called Hot Peppers (or something?) that was the perfect bright red on me. I think that one was a little deeper and a little more orange-y than Vodka & Caviar.

Just like my summer 'Quest for Coral', this fall I'm trying to find my perfect red(s) by October, so that I can wear it/them during the fall and winter months. Hence the name, Hunt For Red (By) October! (I also love submarine movies.) I think I will probably end up with one brighter shade that would work in summer, as well as a deeper toned colour for fall. I suppose I'm just looking for reds that flatter my skin tone, yet don't turn burgundy under fluorescent lighting. (I love you anyways, OPI Got the Blues for Red...but I'm looking for red red RED!)

Next up? OPI Big Apple Red - supposedly a classic that wins awards and hearts left and right, and Essie A-List - another well-loved award-winner. I'm also very open to your suggestions!

How do you feel about red?? Does it make you feel more like a sexy screen siren or a blaring emergency flare?


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Piff said...

Good luck in your search! I think it looks really great too. But I think I'm with you, I can't quite put my finger on it but it's not ~perfect~.

Keep looking!

Jamie K. said...

i think the red needs to look for intense! and i love sexy siren red nails once in a while.. :D
maybe u can try orly's reds? hmmm.

Faith J. said...

Oh, yes, I am a fan of red! I have OPI's Big Apple Red and love it, so I hope you do too! (actually I am wearing red on my blog post today,

Have you tried OPI's On Collins Ave? It's another red I love.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a big fan of reds either but I feel you! I've also started looking for my perfect red and actually thought of trying out Vodka and Caviar. I'll definitely be following your quest and maybe I'll find my perfect red too :)

Paillette said...

I am growing to love red. I love pink reds like Dutch Tulips.
Though I have some warm ones, too.
There are so many out there!!!!

ps love the title of the entry!!! lol!

Anonymous said...

I personally love reds. That's the color I have the most in my polish collection. It's really bad. I love shimmery ones more though.

So yeah, you're not alone.

extraH said...

Oooh, I like this one on you! I can't wait to see which reds you pick!

I have to say that I think my favorite red is Wet and Wild's Red Red... it's a true red and doesn't lean orange at all, which is good for me. For 99 cents, you should give it a run!

Good luck!!!

mKat said...

First off... Killer reference. ;)

Second, I agree that (based on pics) it isn't "ideal" on you, though I think it would make a great summer pedi as it makes me think of rich, ripe berries.

On me, and I recognize we have very different skin tones, my "ideal" red is a little darker... I think this adds a certain depth to it that makes it seem somehow more work appropriate (though I don't know that red is ever "work appropriate"). My go-to red as I've mentioned ad nauseum is MAC Vino... and for glitter lovers, ChG's Ruby Pumps.

VAgirl said...

I'm hesitant to wear red myself. One day DH picked American Apparel Downtown LA out of my stash and I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. For now it's my favorite red - of course I haven't tried out many of the others yet :)

Grace said...

I really like that one you, but it does feel more like a "summer red" than a "fall/winter" red. I know OPI has about a million reds to choose from, but my go-to red is an Essie - Really Red. I also found myself really liking Nouveau Red from the Art of Spring collection. (I got the mini set, and it was in there so I figured I'd give it a try.) I love the finish of it. It goes on in such smooth thin coats and is so well pigmented.

Orlica said...

I don't like red on my nails - it's too popular ;)
Visit my blog, if you want ;)

milan and vanaily said...

I love how red always applies like butter. Although I don't really own many red. But I do really like OPI's "Girls just want to play"

kittytokaren said...

@Piff- Thanks! And I think it needs to be deeper maybe?

@Jamie K - Thanks for the rec!

@Faith J - Love the name of your blog! Also red looks great on you - I bet red nails would look hot ;)

@glazecraze - keep me posted on your discoveries!! I hope we both find our reds! :)

@Paillette - I knew some people would get my title! Thanks :)

@kittypolishnbags - What are you absolute must-have reds? I need help from a red expert!

@extraH - Hi friend, thanks for the rec!!

@mKat - I agree with you, even though we have diff skin tones, I think something deeper would work better on me. And I'm glad you got the reference :) :) I knew some people would!

@VAgirl - My man likes red too....funny!

@Grace - I'm looking for both a summer and a winter red, but V&C just isn't cutting it to me. Really Red is gorg and I was eyeing that at Ulta, but I think its fairly similar to Big Apple Red (at least in the bottle) so we'll see how that goes!

@Orlica - You rebel, you!

@milan & Vanaily - You're right they apply gorgeously!!


g_shaurina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tasha~ said...

I dont have any suggestions but I wish you luck :)

Apriltini said...

I have two reds, and both work well on me. $OPI Curvaceous, a shimmer, and ChG Ruby Pumps, a glitter. Both are cool toned reds and look amazing.

Tierney said...

I didn't like reds for a long time but I love them now. I don't have many but my favorite in my collection is OPI Chick Flick Cherry.

SakuraBlossom said...

I can't live without red! is my color, also red lipstick, i just can't get enough of red.
Here i'm wearing ruby pumps:Amazing.

Karla said...

I think this red looks really, really good on you. But I'm with you - when I wear Vodka and Caviar there's something not quite right. I think it looks okay when I admire it in the mirror, but when I look at my hands, it just seems wrong. I've tried it once and never went back.

Sandi said...

Reds are the biggest section in my drawers too. Separated by cremes, shimmers, pinky reds and wines, lol. Yup, I've got a few. Check out ChG's Salsa maybe. It goes slightly...brick-ish?...on me so might have that depth and slight orange vs blue undertone you're looking for. If you wanted to go way dark red, CND Decadence is really pretty.

Adrienne said...

Beau-ti-ful on you! :)

Reds always make me feel a certain way... a little more glam! My go to creme red for the longest time was Essie Jelly Apple which I do still love and adore, but I recently got Vodka and Caviar and also love it! To be honest... those are the only two red cremes I own out of the 300 bottles I have =x

As for something more appropriate for fall, look into Zoya Blair, ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COLOR.

There are pics of both on the blog by me.

Beck said...

My skintone isn't too far off from yours, and I find that true reds like V&C pop almost too much for everyday on hands. I like the true, bright, fire-engine reds on my toes, but for manis my favorite reds are Essie Alligator Purse (it's a touch more muted/brick red creme, and it looks super elegant) or ChG Thunderbird (again a little muted/darkened red shimmer). I think it's true everyone can wear red, but not everyone can wear bright primary red. :)

kittytokaren said...

@tasha - Thank you my friend!

@Apriltini - Curvaceous looks super gorg!

@Tierney - Ahhh I had CFC and loved it in the bottle but on me :(

@Sakura - That looks amazing on you!

@Karla - YES! I'm glad someone understands the weirdness! I'm not giving up hope on red yet, but V&C is out!

@Sandi - Another red expert!! If only I could come play in your stash and find my perfect red...

@Adrienne - Thanks, doll! Searching as we speak ;)

@Beck - Yes!! I am finding this to be true. I have OPI Got the Blues for Red and it looks great and I love it, but I was really hoping to find something that didnt go totally burgundy in most lights, yknow? Alligator Purse looks lovely in pics...does it go burgundy in a lot of lights?


Sarah said...

I think this one looks pretty good on you! It doesn't make your fingers look red or anything.
I would recommend CND Fireberry! It's one of my favourite reds. I am picky about them too, but this one I will wear for weeks at a time. :)

Aline said...

I am not sure if you can get that still but I have Essie Clam Bake and I don't think I ever got as many compliments on any other polish as on this red jelly.

SalvagedExpression said...

I am with you about reds. I like them a lot and I have a Das Bootload (sorry) of them but I don't wear them as often as I'd like.
I think I need a little swatchathon to determine which ones do the trick.

Aurora's Nails said...

I really like that red!

kittytokaren said...

@Sarah - Thank you! And thanks for the rec :)

@Aline - That one looks really bright and fiery! Good summer red perhaps?

@SalvagedExpression - Hahahaha Dad Bootload :) Loves it! I'm trying to get through this hunt without keeping too many..

@Aurora - Thank you!

Lucy said...

I love reds. They are sexy and strong at the same time. A classic polish shade. My favorite red is a real oldie. It's Revlon Red. I found it last year at Walgreens. Love it! It's a blue/red and beautiful. You must have shy fingers!

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