Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inglot 955 with Nubar 2010

Given how much I wanted Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure -- and never found it -- I thought I'd be thrilled with Nubar 2010, which is a pretty good dupe for it. I wasn't unhappy with it but I was not... over the moon for it like I thought I'd be.

Also, it's hard taking good flakey photographs. Witness:

Inglot 955 with Nubar 2010 in the sunlight
Where did all the flakies go?!

Inglot 955 with Nubar 2010 in the shade
Ah ha! There they are. This is two coats of Nubar 2010.

Inglot 955 with Nubar 2010 in the lightbox
At least this photo is more in focus, even though the flakies do kinda wash out.

Psst. Wanna see why we should always proofread our writing?

Yup. And I don't have a good photo of this but where you see the letters "ngeles" at the bottom? That's not short of "Los Angeles" where Nubar is based. That's a misspelling of "Ongles".

About 75% of my Nubar bottles have these misspellings on them but it doesn't look like there's any pattern to it. So I'm guessing they caught this one awhile ago but still have the misspelled bottles left over somewhere?

Aug 9th (45m cardio+strength), Aug 10 (60m cardio+strength), Aug 11 (25m cardio). I know I've been wimping out by just doing mostly cardio lately... but Aug 11th was really funny because I basically downloaded my powerpoint to my iPad and rehearsed my entire talk (while talking aloud, to nobody, in the exercise room in my apartment building) while on the recumbent bike. It worked pretty well!!

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Alisa said...

That's a great colour combo. Looks amazing!

I have an extra bottle of Hidden Treasure if you're interested in arranging a swap...



My Chau said...

"For best resluts"....!

Lady C. said...

Yeah. I'm glad My Chau caught that. Nubar needs someone to proofread their bottles pre-prodcution. ^^

Otherwise, great combination, looks really cute!

Amabile said...

I think Nubar has plenty of misspelled bottles because my first bottles of Nubar are from 2008 and they have that same mistake too ;-D

flinty said...

@alisa: I think I'm pretty satisfied with Nubar 2010. But thanks for the offer! :D

@my chau: yeah, seriously...

@lady c: it just looks so unprofessional to have so many typos on such a limited amount of text..!

@amabile: only a couple of my most recent Nubar purchases have corrected spelling. Otherwise, it's all "for the best resluts".

Lucy said...

You just have to find the right polish to layer the Nubar over. Some of the polishes I've tried just did show up all the lovely colors and flakes. Love it better matted.

extraH said...

Oh, how I love a good spelling and/or grammatical error! Nice catch, flinty.

flinty said...

@lucy: Oh, I haven't lost hope. I'll just keep trying it with other polishes. :)

@extraH: makes the world go round, seriously. I'm easily entertained, I guess.

Aurora's Nails said...

Wow, to me that's just so pretty!

flinty said...

@aurora: thanks!!

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