Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel haul!

The conference ends in a few hours and then I am off to the airport for the flight home.

It has been such an exciting few days for me! Thanks all for the well wishes in the last few days: I haven't been able to respond to any comments since I got here -- my only Internet access is my iphone and it hates the comments page -- but I have been reading them.

The talk went decently well. I wish more people had shown up and had asked more interesting questions. But I didn't, like, fall off the stage or anything so... it's all good. But what was really, really exciting is that when I opened up the conference program on Monday, I saw that I had won the award for best graduate student research! Eee!! I was in absolute shock.

And because they gave me $150 as a prize, I spent $53 on the following goodies at Ulta:

Piggy Polish Daylily's and Music (is this a reference to something because the apostrophe is odd?)

Butter London Victoriana, Marrow and Bumster. And because I bought the Butter London polishes, I got these free:

Emery board and Butter London matte topcoat.

Anyway, I should get back to the conference. And then fly my way home. :)

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Apriltini said...

Congrats on a great couple days!

I wouldn't read anything into the apostrophe. I've seen loads of abuse of those little things, and it's only getting worse. People seem to think that any word that ends in "s" needs an apostrophe. Drive's me nut's. *snort*

Linnie said...

Great haul :)
I adore Butter London Victoriana!!

Reese said...

Where is there an Ulta that sells butterLONDON??!!??!!!!!!! I need to be there, NAO.

...Florida sucks. :/

SusieL said...

Congratulations on your award! That's fantastic!

Adrienne said...

Eeeeeeeeeeee!! So exciting!!! Very well deserved haul and recognition! :)

Lucy said...

So glad everything went well! Even better that you won an award. I know your a hard worker and also brilliant! It's wonderful to be acknowledged. Glad you spent part of your award on some lovely polishes.

augusta said...

you got butter london from ulta?

tape_queen said...

congrats on completing your talk! I would have done the same thing with my award money. :)

JQ said...

Congratulations on your award and for being brave about public speaking. Those polishes look sweet. I adore the colours. Can't wait to see them on!

Ruthlessrocks said...

How do you feel about Marrow? For me it's a let down, I saw the polish on ALU and was pumped but in person it's not the same polish they used at the Vena cava show. I am pleased with All hail McQueen, which was the other one I got. Excited to see your Victoriana swatches

flinty said...

@apriltini: IT'S THE END OF CIVILIZED SOCIETY AS WE KNOW IT!! It's one thing for a bunch of students to misuse apostrophes in papers but another to misuse them professionally, no? Or maybe that's just me with a stick up my ass.

@Linnie: I had heard such bad things about Butter LONDON but Victoriana looks so great that it broke me down.

@reese: they started carrying it online too!

@susiel: thank you!!

@adrienne: thanks! I'm pretty happy about both haul and recognition. And the leftover $100.

@lucy: thank you so much! Yes, it does feel great to be acknowledged.

@augusta: yup, they carry it now. It's online too.

@tape_queen: LOL, I think we all would've done something similar.

@jq: thanks! It was such a rush to do a talk and have it go well. I'm usually terrified of public speaking. Such a bad case of stage fright...

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