Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ulta Glam Goth

I know this collection came out MONTHS ago, but better late than never, right? I've already shown you Tainted Love in a comparison post (here), now here are the other polishes from Ulta.

Here's what they look like most of the time not in bright light or sunlight.

L-R: Black Lace, Underground, For Bitten, After Hours

And in sunlight, the shimmer lights up!

L-R: Black Lace, Underground, For Bitten, After Hours

Black Lace, the only creme in this collection is a beautiful charcoal grey. I'm sure this can be easily frankened, but here it is for you!

Here are some close ups to show you the shimmers:

Underground has blue and teal shimmer particles in a black base that makes this otherwise boring polish a little more interesting.

For Bitten is also a black base polish w/ pink shimmer and copper micro flakes. I think the use of the micro flakes makes this one glow.

And lastly, here is After Hours. To me, it's a dusty eggplant base w/ purple and pink shimmer that you can only see up close or in bright lights. The purple shimmer photographed blue... sorry!

All these swatches have top coat except Black Lace. The shimmers looked kinda dull without it, the top coat definitely makes them shine a bit more. All the shades from this collection only required two coats for me to be opaque -- perfect to me! :) This collection is definitely worth checking out at your local Ulta! Unfortunately, I don't see these available at, but I did see a pack or two left at my local Ulta.

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milan and vanaily said...

Its okay that it came out months ago :)

extraH said...

I love that I JUST bought this two weeks ago and haven't worn it yet and now I already know which ones I am going to like! Awesome swatches, thank you! For me, I think the two blue-ish ones will be my faves.

Jackie S. said...

Love these!

OH MY POLISH! said...

ooo i actually love all of them! swweettt

Lucy said...

Darn, not online? I really like For Bitten.

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