Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Sale! Nail Polish Grab Bags!

****SOLD OUT (for now -- I'll let you all know if I have any leftover) ****

For those who aren't subscribed to nbmarketplace on LiveJournal, I recently offered up some nail polish grab bags (or rather, "grab boxes") for sale for $15 each.

Here's the text from nbmarketplace, edited slightly:

I spent all summer purging my collection and after selling over 100 polishes through my last grab bag opportunity, I STILL have a TON of polishes that I need off of my hands. I don't currently have time to list and sell all of them individually so I'm going to be selling a bunch by 10-14 polish lots for $15 per lot. They will be shipped in a small USPS priority flat rate box, which usually costs about $4.95 to ship -- this is included in the $15. :)

All the grab bags will contain at least 10 polishes and can contain up to 14; it all depends on the shape and size of the polish bottles, how they fit together in the box and how many I feel that I can safely stuff into one of the small flat rate boxes.

Please contact me (flinty) through MUA OR email I take PayPal (marked as gift) only.

I only have enough for several grab bags. First come, first served!

The polishes have generally only been used 1-2x times though some may have only 70% left. No box will contain more than one or two polishes that are under 90% full. Most (if not all) of the polishes you receive will have only been used for swatching once. There will be some minis in there but those who get minis in their boxes will likely be getting closer to 14 polishes than 10.

The polishes I'm including in these boxes were all purchased for between $1 and $5. No box will contain only $1 polishes. There will be some drugstore polishes (including some DC'ed drugstore polishes) but there are polishes from all over the place represented in these grab bags.

I will try to ensure a variety of colors and finishes. No box will only contain pinks or reds or sheers or greens or blues.

Some of the polish brands that will show up in the grab bags:
Hot Topic
Maybelline (including DC'ed Maybelline)
Revlon (including some Street Wear)
Sally Hansen (including some Nail Prisms)
Nina Ultra Pro
Wet n Wild
NY Summer
Snail Slicks
...and more...!

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Erin said...

Oh wow, wish I hadn't missed out on this. :( Sounds like a great way to try a bunch of new polishes. I don't have easy access to about half of those brands.

I do hope that you cleared out your purge stash, though. :)

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