Monday, September 27, 2010

Bottle pictures from a new (to me) brand: Picture Polish!

Some informative soul on Nail Board posted about a website that sold Ozotics nail polishes to those living in Not-Australia. And when I dashed to go take a look see, I noticed that this website also had their own varied and interesting line of nail polish, called Picture Polish.

I LOVE finding new brands I've never heard of and so did not hesitate to contact the owners to find out more about their line. Turns out, you can buy their polishes as is or you can do a bit of a private label thing and slap your own label on their polish to sell. They generously sent me a dozen Picture Polishes to review. I haven't had time to swatch most of them (yet!) but I just LOVE the labels on them and wanted to show them off:

Camo green, how I adore you. The photo seems to show it off as more grey but it's actually a bit more green IRL. Is the "u" is in the wrong place there?

I'm strangely attracted to Heavy Metal. I didn't think I would be but it looks like it's gonna be a great glitter polish that won't need too many coats.

Yeah, I'm all over these two. Seriously. My two favorite colors of polishes, yellow and mint cremes!

It took me a few days to figure out what PMT stood for. I'm so used to it being "syndrome"; I've never heard of someone complaining about PMT.

OMG, greige!

These retail for AUS $9.95 (which is about US $9.90). I hope to have swatches up for you real soon!!

September 25th (30m cardio), September 26th (30m cardio + strength).

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you nailed it! said...

oh I love the names of these polishes! So awesome! The colors are very pretty too!

Diane said...

I love the cute little sayings on the bottles! I hope the quality of these is decent, can't wait to see swatches!

Konad-licious said...

Yikes! Just a headsup that the Ozotics prices that website has them selling for at $14.95 is actually DOUBLE the normal selling price. At most other outlets they are $6.95.
If you want to email me for more info that's fine ;)

VixeninTraining said...

^^^^Wow! Really that sucks, I wish some people wouldn't be so greedy but Thanks for the info Konad-licious. I must say though that I am very interested in these polish. From the colors, to the bottles, to the saying on the bottle it just catches my eye. Also when you review them can you show what the brush look like? I wonder if its the standard brush that all nail polishes use!

Zara said...

Those are awesome! I love the labels, and the colors all look great!

Lucy said...

Nice looking polishes. I'm interested in the camo colored. But double the price?

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Megs from piCture pOlish. I wanted to set the record straight regarding our Ozotic pricing. As the only recognised retail distributor (on-line) currently of the Ozotic Brand we were advised by the makers that the RRP is AUD$14.95 and have priced accordingly. My understanding Ozotic is also sold for use on a professional basis in beauty salons perhaps that's where the variation occurs. The Ozotic Holographics & Duo Chromes are premium and very unique nail polish that speak for themselves. Cheers!

Naomi said...

The Ozotic polishes are worth double the $14.95 charged by piCture pOlish. I've paid much more for polish that is no where near the quality. I call it a bargain!

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