Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four polishes from the Orly Holiday 2010 collex!

I was so pleasantly surprised by these polishes. I thought they'd be a bit dull -- you know, red, green, gold, silver, holiday bells are ringing, tralalala, tis the season to go shopping, etc -- but I really like Orly lately and I felt like hauling from VNS. So I got four and I do not regret any of them!

Orly Glitz and Glamour

It almost looks like it belongs in the Foil FX collex... which is a good thing. This warm gold metallic foil beauty goes on a bit thicker than the Foil FX polishes. I used three coats here but probably could have stopped at two. Super gorgeous and burning bright.

Orly Rockin' Rocket

I don't really get the name of it. Like "rocket's red glare"? Either way, another gorgeous polish that I didn't expect to like at all. I thought it'd be a normal red shimmer but it turned out to be really lovely, understated and unexpected. It's a muted burgundy red that is shot through with warm gold shimmer. It's a very autumn-y color to me. A bit dull indoors but once the sunlight hits it, the gold really shines through and enlivens the red and gives it an orangey glow. Three coats.

Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

This one is the hands down star of the collection. OMG. You HAVE to click on these photos to see them full sized. I posted this on Nail Board a week ago when I swatched it because I thought it was just so excitingly pretty and people kept asking me if this is how it really looked, since other photos didn't make it look this exciting. My answer is: YES, this is how it really looks! Shimmering emerald amazingness. Three coats but would probably be good for most people at two.

Closeup of Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Orly Winter Wonderland over Meet Me Under the Misteltoe
This looked awful on my bare nails but it's a sheer white shimmer that brightens up any other mani you might want. It gives it a icy, frosty (in a good way) look that is ridiculously bright. I just decided to layer it over Meet Me Under the Mistletoe here but I'm sure there are better combinations out there for this.

In other news, I have a research fellowship for this coming quarter which means I don't have to TA (for this quarter)! I can concentrate on my research (for just these ten short weeks)! I have so much planned and am totally psyched to really aggressively pursue a more diverse research agenda. The only thing I feel really bad about is that there isn't a huge long waiting list for TAships in my department this quarter which means that the psych department might have to get TAs from other departments... which means underqualified TAs for the undergrad psych classes.

I'm not sure I should be sacrificing career advancement type activities so I can grade undergrad papers -- and have the inevitable grouchy undergrad that treats me like mud -- but I also feel bad that I'm not doing my part. Not that "doing my part" is going to do me any favors. Teaching is not often looked well-upon in a CV when going for an academic post (unless it's at a community college or a very small liberal arts college) and it's more impressive to have research fellowship to one's name. That and I need to build up my research credentials. I want to build up my research credentials. It's the best way to ensure I will have work after my PhD is done!

Also, it's a cool project that I will be paid to be on. I'm working with a computer science professor who is interested in natural language generation. Interdisciplinarity is awesome. Especially when the other discipline has more money to support research activities. :P

September 3rd (35m cardio), September 4th (35m cardio), September 5th (15m cardio), September 6th (30m cardio)... Went to physical therapy yesterday to hurry up the healing of the wrist. Getting SO bored of cardio with no significant amount of strength training with free weights.

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rmcandlelight said...

They look awesome, I must have this collection. Just gorgeous :)

krex said...

these look great, maybe I need to get them. I wasn't planning too.

Varnish Vixen said...

These colors are gorgeous! Your research project sounds awesome too!!

Ali's Nail News said...

I seriously thought this was going to be one holiday collection I could pass on, but after seeing your pics. I think need them all!

KarenD said...

I'm becoming more and more convinced I need Winter Wonderland (already have the red and green).

Aurora's Nails said...

I LLOOOOOVE Wonderland over Mistletoe! Love it!

Piff said...

Handsdown best swatches I've seen of this collex.

Spaceinvaders said...

Meet me under the mistletoe is amazing!!

flinty said...

@rmcandlelight: Thanks! It's such a good collection... well, the ones I have anyway. I think there are two more that I didn't buy that were just cremes?

@krex: at least get Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. So pretty!

@vixen: I am so happy for the research project grant. TA'ing is so draining!

@ali: Always happy to help create lemmings. :D

@karend: Winter Wonderland is actually a pretty cool polish for layering. Very snowy looking. :)

@aurora: I'm glad you like it. I didn't think it was the best combo myself but I was running out of time to swatch and wanted to put it over something...

@piff: Thanks, hon! XD

@spaceinvaders: I totally agree!!

Lucy said...

These are lovely. I especially love your combination. Nice and frosty looking. Congratulations on the research fellowship. In the long run this will help you. You've really worked hard for everything. You deserve the best in life.

Irides said...

my wallet sobs, Flinty D: I thought I could pass on this in favor of OPI, but I think I might get most of these instead. Sigh.

congrats, though, on your research opportunity! In the long run this will hep you far more than TAing undergrads. It's not "not doing your part", it's prioritizing valuable time for most effective usage. This will help you. You like this better. There's really no reason to feel guilty. :D (Not that I'd know the way you do, of course, but it seems to be the vibe I get? I don't know, congrats anyway!)

extraH said...

Damn it, I really thought I was going to be able to avoid these.

HappytPumpkin said...

Maybe Rockin' Rocket is a joke after the Rockettes? Anyway I love it! I also like the layered look. Anyway to get more colors out of the nail polish I already have.

Sia said...

I'm loving the gold polish and I'm going to get it today. How many nail polishes to you own??

Sandi said...

I wonder how close Rockin' Rocket is to ChG's Riveter Rouge?

Sandi said...

Went and looked up your swatch of Riveter. Rockin' looks a lot more berry?

flinty said...

@lucy: thanks! I'm glad someone likes a frosty look. It gets a lot of flack but I think there's a time and place for it. :)

@irides: Depends on the OPI. Burlesque looks promising... And you're right, I was feeling guilty. I feel less guilty now that I've thought it through and really outlined what I want to do this coming quarter. TA'ing would have really gotten in the way of everything.

@extraH: yeah, me too. But I bought them on whim and faith and was rewarded. :)

@happypumpkin: Oh, I think you might be right about the Rockettes!

@sia: Ummm. I have 850 "trieds" and hundreds more "untrieds".

@sandi: Riveter Rouge is more red and Rockin' is more Berry but also the shimmer is more sparse but more glittery in Riveter. But Rockin' has more shimmer in it and it's not as sparkly.

Justine said...

Does anybody know how Orly Glitz and Glamour compares to OPI Dazzled by Gold? I'm still trying to shake the DbG lemming!

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