Monday, September 13, 2010

Golden Rose 119: the easiest (scattered) holo to photograph ever! + a not great Golden Rose (#37)

A great Golden Rose polish and a not-so-great Golden Rose polish, taken at the beginning of summer.

Golden Rose 119

Usually, holos are so hard to capture. Most photos don't do holos justice -- and this polish is no exception -- but I was so surprised when all the photos came out showing a significant amount of holo twinkle! This was a great polish: two coats, super smooth, very pigmented. And, of course, extremely sparkly!

Closeup of Golden Rose 119

Golden Rose 37
And then there's this Golden Rose. Sea green pearly sheer nightmare. Three coats. I stopped there because I didn't think it'd be worth it to finish it off.

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zygzak said...

I have a lot of GR polishes (they are sold in drugstores here).
Some of them are better some worse.
Holos are so so, the effect is very slim.

But there are 2 absolutely stunning series:
3d (very hard to get, flakes + color, check the pictures here (it's not my shop):

and even better series paris magic, it's very similar in colour and quality to orly cosmic, especially purple colors:

there are some swatches here:,5/najpiekniejsze-fiolety,91.html

Twister said...

Love Golden Rose 119. Absolutely gorgeous

Sia said...


Lalica said...

What a beauty!

Where do you buy Golden rose polishes?

Paillette said...

I've got 119 and a couple other holos.

That sea green could be a nice layering coat.

It is a pain when you aren't expecting sheer!

JQ said...

#119 = <3 at first sight. OMG! Lemmmming.

Spaceinvaders said...

119 is soooo pretty!I love the scattered holo effect!

Lucy said...

The holo shows up perfectly. That's a gorgeous shade. Shame the Sea Green is so sheer. Could make for some lovely layering.

Nikki said...

I hate 37 so much that I just frankened my own bottle into a really deep jungle green with gold shimmer that I absolutely love, so it wasn't a complete loss :D

flinty said...

@zygzak: ooh, thanks for the links! I'm guessing you are in Poland? The only place I've seen Golden Rose nail polishes here are online. (I've seen some of the other cosmetics in stores though.)

@sia: isn't it beauteeeful? ;)


@paillette: I dunno if it'd look nice layered. It didn't really distribute evenly on the nail even. :(

@JQ: it's seriously pretty and lemming worthy. And not expensive!

@spaceinvaders: me too :)

@lucy: thanks!

@nikki: that's SUCH a good idea! I think I'll try that...

Sarah B. said...

Golden Rose's holos are always so pretty :)
That green is...ugh...*shudders*

zygzak said...

Yes, from Poland. I see on the shop page that there are no 3d or paris magic in usa. But you have multidiamensions, they are similar to zoya sparkles, check them out.

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