Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revlon Galaxy Top Coat

I love a good drug store polish, but Revlon scares me.

Why, you might ask? Because it reminds me of my pre-quick-dry-top-coat-and-nasty-color-choice days, that's why! The days when you thought a pearlized light gold that dried in an hour was EDGY. Oh yes, those days.


Anyway, when I heard about these new glittery top coats, I just had to hunt them down. I came away with the silver one (whose name escapes me) and this one, Galaxy. Galaxy is a clear top coat that is packed with black, blue and silvery small glitter as well as silver hex glitter that is a little larger. Shown above is Galaxy layered gradient-style over China Glaze Awaken, a perfect complimentary polish for this top coat if I do say so myself. The good news is that it's a lovely topcoat that does add a little interestingly-colored sparkle; the bad news is that it took THREE coats just to get this opacity, which is not very much.

On the upside, it's surprisingly smooth - after one thick coat of SV, there's hardly any gritty texture at all.

What do you guys think of these top coats? Any takers?

Happy day, all!

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Sarah B. said...

Lol, I understand when you say that about old polishes...Here in Brazil those are still widespread...

JQ said...

Well when I saw the pic I was pretty excited, because I'm a drugstore polish gal (though I HUNGER for some of the higher quality stuff now that I see all the eye candy). I was disappointed to hear that it took three coats. That's really too bad.

kathy_d87 said...

I know what you mean extraH and JQ, I'm an admitted drugstore polish junkie. I am too frugal (BS in Accounting) to buy the "expensive stuff" like OPI and Chanel, even though I have no patience to sit for an hour waiting for my polish to dry. :-( So I end up with bubbles, dents, or smudges. Hey when you Mom even offers to buy you OPI then there's a problem.

Lucy said...

Well I fell for the whole collection! I used Revlon when I was a teenager. When I saw those glitter topcoats I couldn't resist. I haven't tried them out yet. Love your manicure.

Sminkan said...

It looks really pretty!

When I first found out about, and bought myself, a fast drying top coats it was a Revlon. Revlon Top Speed. I loved it, still do, but nowadays we don't have Revlon in Sweden so I can't buy it. I really miss Revlon. They had som nice stuff. I wouldn't mind the one you're showing here for instance.

JQ said...

Yes I think I might succumb even if I need to layer them. I looked them up and I doubt I'll make it out of my local drug store next time without them. :) I have the matte suede collection, and a few colours by them including a glimmer gloss that I love called Grapefruit.

Skulda said...

The Revlon topcoats are interesting me but my funds are low ATM so I'll have to see if I can get them before they are sold out.

Reese @ Newbie Nails said...

I have this on over OPI Jade is the New Black right now. I used 2 coats which as perfect, but because I had to strategically place the hex glitters, I had to use 3 coats of TC- 1 Out the Door, 1 Essie Good to Go, and another of Out the Door. I STILL have bumps in places. :/

But its totally worth it. I haven't seen a glitter with this combo before, and I love it. I picked up the red, Slipper. The silver & purple ones- I might have to go back for! CVS had them, buy one, get one 50% off!!!

Reese @ Newbie Nails said...

** OPI Ski Teal We Drop, not JitNB. Although now I want to try that combo :]

here's a semi-decent pic of it:

I'd love to see this over other colors!! And the silver glitter too!!!

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