Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some LA Girl Metal swatches: Pink Steel, Millennium and Metallic Olive

This is one great -- and affordable -- collection for those who like foils and other shiny things. You can generally find these for about $3; they are often on sale on

LA Girl Metal Pink Steel

I don't think the photo properly expresses the awesomeness of this polish. Did you know that every nail polish collection HAS to have a BURNING HOT PINK FOIL? Because I did not know that I needed one until I swatched this beauty. My collection had been unknowingly bereft without it! Three coats here, could have been fine with two. Very smooth application, which is typical of foil polishes. It's retina-searing in the sun. Does not dry glossy though, which may bother some but I like the Suede-like texture of it.

LA Girl Metal Metallic Olive

Dark shimmering green made of nearly-black dark green shimmer, gold shimmer and lighter green shimmer. Three coats. A dark, dusky color that brightens in the sunlight. Me likey. :)

LA Girl Metal Millennium

I liked this one the least out of these three polishes. I guess I'm not a big purple person but there just wasn't anything too special to me about this purple foil. It applies very well though. Two coats.

September 29th (15m cardio).

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Twister said...

I really like Metallic Olive and Millennum

Jamie K. said...

love them! they might be on my new lemming list hehe :D

Megan Harmeyer said...

Those are pretty. I especially like Metallic Olive.

LadyLuck27 said...

purple >:)

Let them have Polish! said...

Pink Steel is the best out of these for me. I've seen purple and green before. For some reason pink glitters can either suck or be amazing and this one ROCKS!

Pretty said...

oooh pink steel!!! gahh must update my wishlist

Lucy said...

I'm really loving these foil metallic finishes this year. Metallic Olive I adore!

flinty said...

@Twister: I'm glad! :)

@jamie: They're such good polishes to lemming. Easy to get and pretty cheap.

@megan: Thanks! I loved it.

@ladyluck: yup, it is...

@let them have polish: Yay, I'm happy someone agrees on me on this one!

@pretty: it's such a great polish. :)

@lucy: LOL, I thought you would like that one best.

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