Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ulta Envy

Ulta, why do you toy with me so with your amazing polishes and fabulous sales?

Ulta Envy

As I am geographically-challenged when it comes to an Ulta, I tend to get a little *ahem* excited when I eventually get the chance to run amongst the lovely cosmetics and hair care products. Although I am able to refrain myself from singing "The Hills are Alive (with the sound of music)" while skipping up and down the aisles and running my hands over all of the bottles, I have been known to get so excited that I dance a little in the parking lot. Ask The Husband.

Anyway, here's a lovely polish from Ulta's main polish line called "Envy." A deep forest green with a lovely shimmer, I can imagine that this will be a great shade for the fall or the holidays. I have to admit, I wasn't really feeling it while I was wearing it, but I think it was because I kind of guilted myself into wearing it after realizing that it had gone untouched for so long.

Have any of you every guilted yourself into a polish? It's so unfortunate. It's not you, Ulta Envy... it's me.

(Imagine Julie Andrews a little chubbier and with curly hair
and replace the mountains with bottles of OPI.

Happy day, all!

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rmcandlelight said...

I love this polish and I'm hoping I still can find it!! I imagined myself in the photo. Lol!!

Noelie said...

I get the SAME way when I get to go to Ulta! There are none near me, but I always get to go when I go to visit my BF in Missouri, and I do totally dance in the parking lot. I've been thinking about pulling Envy out of untrieds for like... 2 weeks. Must get to her soon.

kathy_d87 said...

I've never been to Ulta I've got to check it out. :-) There's one across from the mall. I used to receive Ulta fliers in the mail. Wonder if they have a patch or rehab for polish addicts? I was already bad, but hanging with you ladies I've gotten worse.

Grace said...

It's a cute polish - looks a lot like Zoya Suvi. I have a few polishes that are still untried in my stash. Okay, more than a few. I try to keep a running list of polishes as I buy them and when I'm undecided on what I want to wear, I try to opt for one of those. Sometimes, though, polishes jump the line. Like today, I'm wearing RBL Anne, which just arrived yesterday. I seriously thought about leaving work early just to go home and get this polish on my nails, it is THAT gorgeous.

Aurora's Nails said...

What a beautiful green!
PS Sound of Music is my alltime favorite movie ever ever :)

extraH said...

@mcandlelight - I'm sure you can find it, and I think this tone would look great on everyone!

@Noelie - Pull out the Envy to celebrate the coming of fall! Hooray!

@Kathy - Ohhh, you NEED to go... it's incredible! As for the patch, would it smell like polish remover? I hope not. : )

@Grace - Isn't that the constant battle, staying on top of the untrieds? Ugh!

@Aurora's Nails - The HIIIIILLS are ALIIIIIVE! : )

brilliantdreamer said...

I love love love ULTA and I just moved by one that's FIVE minutes away... dying! I actually just picked up Envy but haven't worn it yet. Now I'm excited to put it on!

brilliantdreamer said...

Also, I LOVE Julie Andres & The Sound Of Music! You crack me up! It's great, haha.

Lucy said...

I haven't been to Ulta in a long while. When I went in the first time I thought I died and went to Heaven! All the wonderful fragrances, cosmetics and polishes. I was in there for a good 4 hours. I spent plenty! Don't blame you for doing a dance. That's a pretty shade of green. Just perfect for the Fall. I love greens so it's perfect anytime for me.

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