Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glitter Gal Deep Green

I'm leaving for NYC tonight. Another red-eye flight: my favorite... It'll be a really short visit: getting there Friday morning and leaving Sunday evening. But I haven't been home in a few months so it'll be nice to get a couple of days in the city at least.

I'm sorry I've been sort of absent from the blog. It's been a busy few weeks and my mind is just elsewhere and all over the place. I even wore the same mani for a week last week... and didn't even get a picture! (Pity, because it was MAC Bad Fairy... and man, the tipwear on that one was not pretty. Hence, no picture.)

But here is another pretty polish:

Glitter Gal Deep Green

Darkened teal shimmer with golden-green shimmer... PLUS HOLO GLITTER. A winning combination and such a great formula: this was two coats. Glitter Gal polishes may be small but man, the payoff is so worth it. :) I just love this polish.

You might be noticing that I haven't been updating with my exercise regimen. BIG part of this reason is that I haven't been working out for the last week. Why? I started a new medication and have developed a really bad tendency to forget to eat... so by the time I usually work out in the evening, I'm usually pretty woozy from not eating from 8am to 8pm. And then by the time I eat, I just don't want to move anymore. Given that, I don't really think running on a treadmill would be great for me. I'm still adjusting to it and now have taken to setting an alarm so I remember to eat.

Also, I've been feeling sort of melancholy, unmotivated and very under the weather. I think schoolwork has been really overwhelming for me this quarter. A cough that won't die doesn't help.

But I have played 12 hours of Rock Band 3 in the last 40 hours. This did not help me get my schoolwork (or packing for my trip) done. Not even close. BUT! My SO and I are first place for vocals on our (mutual) favorite song, with me on melody and him on harmony. We did it four times over because we kept on coming in second... and when you take two stubborn perfectionists and you dangle first place in front of their masochistic little faces... you get PEOPLE WHO GET THE NUMBER ONE SPOT. Because otherwise, they wouldn't be able to fall asleep. And humans need sleep. was an issue of survival. ...really.

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Jackie S. said...

Wow! Stunning!

Suzanne said...

oh.. I so get the rock band thing... ;)

emmajoy said...

That's an amazing polish! I've been lemming it for ages but haven't figured out how to get it without spending excessively.

Have fun in NYC and watch out for bedbugs!

Hebridean Sprite said...

So freakin amazing! Do you know where I might be able to find it in Canada? I love it so much! Thanks tons for this post!

faerieberry said...

I just received this color in a swap and it really is a winner! I wish more brands would produce bottles in this size too.

Jana said...

Wow wow wow! I love this.. I want a vat of this polish haha. Thank you for posting, I'd never seen it before :) Looks amazing on you

Spaceinvaders said...

Wow, this is stunning!

Lucy said...

Fantastic polish. Love it. I'll take a vat also! I can understand playing a game that long. They are so addictive.

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