Friday, October 15, 2010

NARS Mash and Zulu


What can I say? It's legendary. This is where my attitude as a collector overrides being a consumer of nail polish. It's pretty -- super dark green jelly -- but I don't really like my greens that dark. It looks black in some lights and in other lights... one realizes that it's not as streak-free as one would hope at two coats. (Also, I seem to have bubbling with this. Probably because I did my mani in front of a fan. It was 90F! I needed the fan.) Still, very grateful to NARS for re-releasing this classic. Way to go, I hope you guys made a mint out of this. Thanks for listening to the fans!


This one is a polish I can really get behind. I love mossy, swampy greens. SO good. Two coats, but some people might need three. This one was totally worth the money, though I think I might have a decent dupe of this somewhere in my collex.

This reminds me: I found a person from my really-real life who loves nail polish! I mean, one that I didn't influence. And one that I knew before blogging and Nail Board. In fact, we haven't seen or talked in about twelve or thirteen years. We were in the same circle of friends in middle school but then she went to a different high school and we lost touch. But somehow, we reconnected via Facebook and I noticed a week ago that she was updating her status with her NOTD. NARS Midnight Express, Chanel Khaki... and I was like, "OMG, she's wearing blue, she's wearing green... is she an NBer?!"

Turns out, she is not an NBer. But she HAS been to this blog. How weird is that? She just randomly found this blog. A middle school classmate simply stumbled onto here without knowing that she knew me. Gosh, the great wide internet is quite small.

October 14th (60m cardio + strength)

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Snapdragon said...

Hi, I don't know if we have Nars around here, but I really like that mossy green--do you think you know a dupe that you could suggest? I don't comment much, but just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts--and would you remind me what NOTD means?

Since subscribing to your blog, I've found myself looking at nail polishes a lot more. So a few weeks ago when I was walking through the mall with my daughter and she went into a store, I told her I would just be next door at the nail salon looking at their OPI polishes in the window. There was this beautiful, firey (holo?) orange that I decided to shake up to get a better look at the color. It had a plastic sleeve over the handle, so I took a firm grip and gave it a good hard shake.
It flew right out of my hand and smashed on the tile floor! Oh my gosh, I was horrified! So there's all the ladies getting their manicures done, and all the manicurists, looking at me! Like I'm some kind of idiot. By this point my daughter had come over, so her and I and one of the manicurists were trying to scoop up the glass and polish off the floor without cutting ourselves, how embarrassing. I tried to pay for it, but the owner wouldn't accept it. Awkward. They were Asian, so I couldn't understand what was being said back and forth. 0.o

So ladies, if you ever go to shake a bottle, make sure there isn't a plastic sleeve over the handle.

Spaceinvaders said...

Marsh is super pretty!

Lucy said...

I finally have Zulu!! I also ordered a backup. I never do that but felt I had to do it for this polish. I wish other polish companies would re-release old favorites. Who wouldn't love to see that happen. I also ordered Mash since I love this shade of green. Funny how small the world really is. They both look wonderfull on you.

Alexandra said...

Would Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches be a possible dupe for Mash? I think it leans more green, but if it might be a dupe, it's $2.99 at Sally Beauty Supply until the end of the month (all the Nina polishes are, actually, I bought Mossy Britches yesterday and will slap it on here soon).

ggggg said...

I bought NYC Flat Iron Green for $1.99 at Kmart and is the closest dupe to Zulu I have seen so far. Zulu is WAY too expensive for me and NYC fits the bill!

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