Monday, October 4, 2010

OPI Designer Series Comparison

If I were to list some of my favorite Little Music Boxes blog posts, this one always comes to mind.  I love how the pictures came out in this one and I really love all four of these polishes so I wanted it to be one of the first ones I brought back from the archives.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Remember word analogies?  For example, "Meow is to cat as bark is to dog" is a word analogy.  I remember studying them over and over in the SAT prep course I took in high school.  I got so sick of practice SAT exams that I never took the real thing.  I went through a phase in high school where I tried to be all bad ass and I proudly proclaimed that I was never going to go to college so why would I need SAT scores?  Eh, I still went to college and still have no SAT scores.

Anyway, I thought the word analogy "Fantasy is to Glamour as Extravagance is to Exclusive" would be a great description for this comparison and I hope you'll see why with my pictures.

First up, the cast of characters (I took this photo with a flash to show off the holographic effect best).

I applied three coats of each polish in the same order, from pinkie to thumb.  This picture was taken in the direct sun.  I'm holding Glamour (my favorite of these four polishes) in the first few pictures.

I got another picture in the sun, but it's through the window screen so it's not as bright.

This picture was taken in the shade by a window.

And I took this picture with a flash.  The order here is reversed since this hand position lets me take flash pictures a little better.  I'm a lefty so I take almost all my pictures with the camera upside down and this position works better for my flash pictures.

I used three coats of each and had no problems with the formula.  These apply and wear like regular nail polish (unlike some holographic polishes).  I didn't use any top coat in these pictures, but I haven't had any problems with my regular Sally Hansen Insta-Dri dulling the holographic effect.  I do have a comment on my spreadsheet that Fantasy caused a little staining, even with a good base coat.  I'll have to triple up on basecoat next time I wear it.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Lucy said...

I love these DS polishes. I know I don't have Glamour. I missed the first ones that were released. i did try to get the rest of them. I love all of these holos. They are amazing.

Let them have Polish! said...

I only have Coronation but I really want some more from this collection. These are so pretty

Twister said...

glamour and exclusive have the most holo effect to me. i like those 2 the most

tasha~ said...

These are all amazing~ !! I can't even pick a favorite wow!

Thifa said...

These are so beautiful!! I have none of the collection but Glamour is specially gorgeous to me! And you did a great job polishing, as usual! So flawless :)

jbrobeck said...

I love analogies! I missed this post the first time around, so glad you brought it back!

Blu11 said...

Aaah, I wish I had Exclusive so I could line them up like this and just stare all day... :) I love all of them, and the analogy is correct, although I think Exclusive has stronger holo than Glamour, and Extravagance than Fantasy. Or maybe it's the colors, maybe blue subdues the holo effect a bit.

Spaceinvaders said...

Glamour and exclusive are awesome!

Ivana said...

I have Extravaganza and I was wondering how is similar to Exclusive for a while. Thank you for this comparison, now I know I need Exclusive too. :P

MeganChair said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :o)

Kellie M said...

Awww...the pics are gone. =/

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