Saturday, October 9, 2010

OPI Glow Up Already (Burlesque Collection, Fall 2010)

Mmm, more glitter...

OPI Glow Up Already!

This is my favorite one so far. Oddly, it looks pretty green in the bottle but it turns out more green-goldish on the nail. It's primarily a lime green glitter but it's interspersed with blue, orange, green, and purple. This was also one of the more opaque Burlesque glitters: this one was good to go in three coats.

Closeup of Glow Up Already!

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Lucy said...

I'm so excited to see all these glitters. They are so pretty. I don't know how they come up with all the combinations. You'd think they run out of ideas for the mixtures of glitters. I look forward to even more. This is really pretty.

Zara said...

I love this one! It's my favorite from the collection. Also, your swatches put mine to shame...just saying. :)

Spaceinvaders said...

Sparkly goodness!

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