Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OPI Simmer and Shimmer (Fall 2010, Burlesque Collection)

I was SO excited for these glitters.
I was just CHOMPING at the bit to buy (most of) Burlesque!
And now that I have them, I'm STILL excited for these glitters. I'm wearing them as NOTDs for the rest of the week. :)

Here's the first one from yesterday...

OPI Simmer and Shimmer

The photos don't look it but the silver glitter in this is burning foil bright: I mean, it's ridiculously bright even in low light. I was reading a book the other day by a dim lamp in my bedroom and the glitter reflected on the page: so cheerful! And distracting. Isn't this just the most cheerful melee of color you've ever seen? orange, gold, purple and green glitter, tossed in a base of silver and light and dark blue glitter of various sizes? The liquid base itself is clear and so this is sheer at one coat, only sort of opaque at two, but fully opaque by three. The second photo is probably the most color accurate: it's brighter than it turned out in most of my photos.

Closeup of Simmer and Shimmer
Glitters like these are WHY macro exists in cameras. I'm convinced of this. And yes, it's kind of a gritty surface.

October 5th (20m strength training); I'm really sucking at this this month.

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PolishSis said...

Ohhh how I love glitters, this one looks just amazing

jaljen said...

I don't want to think about the removal but it will definitely be worth it. This collection really rocks.

AnnKiins'♥ said...

So much glitter. :o
It's like they filled the whole thing with glitter.
And added a tiny amount of polish so that the glitter will stick >o<
Removals probably won't be very good xD

Grace said...

I am not a glitter person at all and even I could not resist picking up a few of these beauties. They are gorgeous! Looking forward to the rest of the swatches!

tasha~ said...

Im not into glitters that much but I appreciate the pics XD

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I just love glitter :D

Anonymous said...

I really hope there are some burlesque glitters left when i go to ulta saturday!

JQ said...

This reminds me of the OPI Mad as a Hatter polish I saw and wanted so bad!

flinty said...

@polishsis: I'm a huge fan of glitters myself. :)

@jaljen: umm, the way I removed this was pretty much lifting a corner of the nail polish off of my nail and then slowly peeling it away. No, it's not great for nails but it was starting to come off anyway... and it's a nervous habit.

@ann: LOL, that sounds about right!

@grace: a couple of glitters is healthy for any stash. ;)

@tasha: thanks!

@annie: meee too! :D

@reem: yikes, do you think they'd sell out that soon?

@JQ: the glitter part of this entire collection was probably inspired by the success of MAAH and AA from earlier this year.


Zara said...

Gorgeous! I love glitters...I'm so glad OPI decided to do more of them!

Lucy said...

Looks like a glitter explosion! I know for sure that I'll be purchasing the glitters. I haven't worn glitters for awhile. Now I'm getting excited about wearing them again.

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