Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creamy & Delicious - Essie Hot Coco

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By now you've probably realized that I have a debilitating weakness for taupes. I was going to resist Essie's latest taupe-y offering this Winter because I already have so many, and it seemed too pink-toned in the initial bottle shots for lil' yellow-toned me. (It's the pink tones in OPI Tickle My France-y that make it barf-o-rific on me. Scroll down through this post to see it on me...if you have a strong stomach.)

Alas, I was wrong - I *needed* Hot Coco. Needed.

Essie Hot Coco is the creamiest, dreamiest hot chocolate colour with a dash of grey to make it just taupe enough. The application was a dream, and the finish is flawless. As gorgeous as this baby is, she has a sister, and I'm not sure if I need them both in my stash, but I'm having a hard time letting go of either of them....

That sister is Essie Mink Muffs! I think that with Mink Muffs being so popular last year, Essie wanted a similar colour in their Winter collection this year. Can you guess which is which?

Hot Coco is on the left, and Mink Muffs is on the right! Hot Coco is a smidge paler and more pink-toned, whereas Mink Muffs is a tad darker and more yellow-toned. I wouldn't call them dupes, but I tried them both on the nail, but then I forgot which one was which! Yes, there are subtle differences, but if you have Mink Muffs already - I'd say you can give Hot Coco a pass without regret. And if you missed out on Mink Muffs last year, Hot Coco will fulfill your craving!

Between Hot Coco and Smokin' Hot, I'm calling this Essie Winter collection a complete win. I've been so enamoured with the collection that Going Incognito (the green) is also on its way to me!

Have you tried any of Essie Winter yet? Thoughts?


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Cherry Pullinger said...

I love these sorts of colours, I have a similar Models Own one.

jaljen said...


Lucy said...

I love taupes also. One of these will be going on my "wants" list. Looks lovely on you. Hot chocolate sounds good but it's too warm today. Crazy weather here in NJ. Usually it's colder but it's 70 degrees today. I could turn on the air and make myself cold!

kittytokaren said...

@Cherry Pullinger - I love them too! I've heard great things about Models you recommend them?

@jaljen - Thank you!

@Lucy - Wow that's crazy!!! Here it's been kind of...crisp and fall-ish! 70 wow!!!


Justine @ Productrater said...

I just got the winter 2010 collection, and never noticed how close mink muffs is to hot coco, I actually compared it to OPI's You Don't Know Jacques on my blog.

HappytPumpkin said...

I wanted a fun fall mani so I put Wet n Wild Tipsy over Essie Little Brown Dress. I love it, but its a little too dark of a brown. I may have to get one of these. You dont really see nice brown polish.

kittytokaren said...

@Justine - I saw that! YDKJ is definitely darker - but also gorg!

@HappytPumpkin - I'd say try one of these! They are taupe but definitely more brown than a Particuliere-like taupe that has more grey in it!


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