Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OPI Sparkle-icious

Glitter? Why yes, I'd love some.

As we all know, OPI delivered a glitter bomb and dropped it right at our feet with the Burlesque collection released last summer, and it did not disappoint. Sparkle-icious looked to me like a golden sister of one of my faves, the amazing Mad As A Hatter, and wooooooo, it is. Here's a look on the nails -

Now the build up is a little tricky; it took about 4 coats to be fairly opaque, but I am a thin-coater. I am petrified of my nails never drying and having to walk around with dented nails thanks to thick coats. THE HORROR.

And for those of you who love some macro shots, check this sweetie out -

Gold and blue and pink glitter, oh my! It might look like a Hallmark card just threw up all over my nails, but I don't care! Do you hear that world? I DON'T CARE!

Are you all still loving your Burlesques?

Happy day, all!

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jaljen said...

To me this is subtle.

Lucy said...

It's a definite party on your nails. I'm ordering all of the glitters. This collection is just a hit. Hope the movie is. I love Cher!

nailsbybellan said...

It is one of my favourite glitters, love it!

Daria said...

GLITTER BLAST!! and I wouldn't even care for difficult removal. loveee

anitablog. said...

i have the other gold glitter on my nails atm. i find it looks much better with a gold base (eg. glitzerland) just a tip! xxx

Kimberly said...

A winner AND a keeper. Gorgeous!!!

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