Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taking two-week hiatus from blogging...

Hello all! I know I've been completely absent from blogging lately. Life has gotten extremely, ridiculously busy in the last month or so -- not to mention that the cough from hell still hasn't gotten better. (And then my computer broke yesterday morning. Like, in a big way. Somehow, my SO managed to resurrect it but it's pretty much on its way out... mmm, new laptop, here I come.)

I haven't been able to take a swatch photo in weeks... except for when I got a CND Shellac pedi with Piff a couple of weeks back in NYC. I still have those photos on my camera in my (still packed) suitcase. I got CND Wildfire (I think it was Wildfire...) and it's still fabulously glossy and very red. I'll do a full review of it when I'm back from my break, with pictures and everything (you know, like a real blog post). I betcha except for a bit of growth, my pedi will still look 85% as good as it did when I got it at the end of October. Minx -- my other nail outing with Piff -- was cooler-looking but Shellac is so awesome for the woman who has no time to do her nails... none of this "peeling off the pinky nails" business I had a week into the Minx.

(Also, I've had Dior Gold Revolution on for the last six or seven days. Seriously, Gelous+Diamont+Dior... I have one tiny chip on my thumb and that is it. I'm sick of this gorgeous color but again... not so much with the time to change it.)

Anyway, I'll be taking an official two week break from Polish or Perish. The quarter will be mostly over by then and I'll be able to devote... ANY of my time and ALL attention that you all deserve. In the meanwhile, you've got a lot of other wonderful PoP bloggers to ogle. :)

See you all in December and, to those in the US, have a great Thanksgiving!

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Jadegrrrl said...

Enjoy your break and get well soon! :D

JNGMD said...

Hey flinty! Feel better. I was really hoping that your cough would be better by now. Maybe you should re-visit your PMD or have a specialist (ENT?) take a look at you again. It's rare for coughs to go on for THIS long. Keep me updated! Looking forward to your return :).

Lucy said...

Check that cough out with your Doctor please. You could have asthma which develops from some URI's, etc. I also had a cough I couldn't get rid of and my diagnosis was asthma. I would start to cough and it just wouldn't quit, especially when I was trying to go to sleep. I use the inhaler Advair and that has really helped. Enjoy your break and get healthy.

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