Sunday, December 12, 2010

kittytokaren goes *crazy* and wears glitter in public!!

Yes, it is true. Ladies and gentlemen, I have snapped.

If you've read all...well, any...of my posts, you probably know that I'm a really conservative polish-wearer. I generally go for cremes, I *adore* taupes, and I like to wear sheers. When I'm in a "go nuts" kind of mood, I usually go for a metallic in deep pewter or gold. I generally eschew glitter. Seriously, I just don't like it that much. And it's not because I work in a conservative environment - heck, I'm a grad student...people wear sweatpants to work - it's just my personality. Boring by nature!

BUT the winter doldrums have kicked in now - full force. I'm frustrated with grad school, with life, with my age. So I went completely nuts, grabbed my clippers, castrated my nails down to ULTRA-nubbins, and did a glitter accent nail manicure!!!

*insert crazy eye here*

This is OPI William Tell Me About OPI with OPI Mad as a Hatter on my thumbs:

With flash:

So you can see the crazy glitter-ness that is Mad as a Hatter, here is my thumb:

What inspired me originally was Meganchair's post about accent nail manis, specifically her LPAD+MaaH Blackberry mani. I really do prefer the accent to be on the thumb - something about it appeals to me. Maybe it's because I've been a Sidekick user for so long, so I'm used to thinking of my thumbs as "special". Or maybe it's because I'm a geneticist and opposable thumbs are actually special.

And you know what? It worked. This stuff is better than Prozac! I look at my nails and it makes me immeasurably happier - which sounds stupid, but is no insignificant feat in the face of the winter blues! I felt a little self-conscious at first, but then I realized - I don't think anyone even notices. It's two little nails for goodness sake...

I'm still going to be a conservative polish girl - it's who I am. I'm still me, and I haven't been indoctrinated into the Church/Cult of Glitter or anything loca like that, but I'm really enjoying the ride! (I'm even secretly plotting a Blackberry mani with OPI Gift of Gold...)

What do you think of glitter on me? Have you ever done a manicure that was *way* outside of your comfort zone??


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Kimberly said...

You can't ask a glitterophile such as myself whether glitter is good. It's nice that you stepped out of your normal boundaries as you found something that makes you quite happy. And doing just the thumb; perfect idea.

Seriously, this color is the BOMB on you.

Jeannine said...

As a fellow biologist (evolutionary biology - and actually not using said evolutionary biology degree in my career) I, too, like the idea of the accent nail on our opposable thumbs. But I'm also a wee bit OCD and can't handle the accent nail. It does look cute, though!

Goose said...

Hahaha, now that I think about it, I don't think I have a "comfort zone" when it comes to nail polish. I could wear anything and not think twice about it. Granted, there are mani's that I just hate and will take them off immediately, but it has nothing to do with "comfort." There are colors I don't normally wear like pinks and sheers, but even some of those I fall in love with when I put them on. So no... I don't think I've ever done anything out of my "comfort zone" :o)

As far as accent nails, I think they're really fun. One of my favorites was OPI Glitzerland with a Bring on the Bling accent nail. Because they match so well, it wasn't too dramatic. I have pics on my blog if you want to see.

Silva said...

Gorgeous! Well, I don't wear a lot of glitter, but it's not out of my comfort zone, it's just out of my lazy zone: it takes too much effort to get off XD Yes, I could use the foil technique, but again, I'm too lazy ;) I love the accent on one nail, though, and I might have to try that out!

terrenity said...

You go girl! Rock that glitter! It's amazing how the right polish can cheer you up, isn't it?

I think the only colors outside my comfort zone are the ones that I really think look terrible on me - anything between orange and yellow-green on the color wheel. I don't even own a pea soup/grey-green/duck poo color, because I would never wear it. The one time I wore a yellow I got negative comments from strangers (only time that's ever happened), reinforcing my discomfort. :(

And while I usually make my accent nails my ring, as a fellow geneticist (albeit a plant geneticist) I like your rationale for the thumb accent!

Apriltini said...

It looks fab. Not crazy at all, so you can put those crazy eyes away. lol

Grace said...

I really like it! I was intrigued by megan's posts as well and have been plotting some kind of accent mani to use the burlesque glitters I bought, but have yet to wear. Just have to wait until my presentations are over.

Sia said...

OMG!! Love,love,love. Thanks for sharing, love Sia xx

Justine said...

You're rocking it! I love your conservative nail looks, but I'm happy to read that glitter has lifted your spirits. Dare I challenge you to wear hex glitter?

This morning, I applied my most blingtastic mani ever: ChG 2030 topped with a layer each of ChG Party Hearty and ChG Golden Enchantment. I added a second layer of Party Hearty on my left thumb as a subtle accent nail. I've never worn a sparse chunky glitter polish before so I do feel a bit self-conscious. If I get comfortable enough with Christmas clown vomit, maybe I'll graduate to circus clown vomit. Now that Milani Jems (why isn't it Gems?) has duped Lippmann Happy Birthday, I can more easily justify attempting the look.

AllThingsNails! said...

I'm with you on the glitter, I usually feel pretty wacky when I wear it on all fingers and feel the need to take it off within 24 hours. The accent nail, however, is just the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

I've never seen that shade before. Your accent nail polish I do own. You'll have to go crazier and do all of your nails with the glitter. How about a glittery manicure for New Years Eve? There isn't anything I wouldn't wear. I just don't care for sheers.

Jenny$1983 said...

Ooh, I like crazy kittytokaren, it works so well! :D Meganchair's post made me happy because it's something I do frequently, so it was great to see it on Polish or Perish! Right now I have OPI What's With The Cattitude? on with ring finger accent nails in OPI Simmer & Shimmer, and they all have CND Silver Sparkling Effect over them (as if S&S isn't blingy enough :P)

I must try a thumb accent nail too, I like the idea of celebrating our opposable thumbs :) I have more Burlesque glitters coming which I ordered before OPI was sold, including Glow Up Already! which I want to see over/with China Glaze Peace On Earth. Bring on the Bling is also coming so I might have to steal Goose's manicure, which is so pretty :)

Laura said...

I really love the shape and length of your nails!

Varnish Vixen said...

Love it! I've been meaning to do an accent glitter nail since seeing meganchair's post on it as well. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but i bought 2 glitters from the Burlesque collection so that I could do it some day!!

amanda said...

gorgeous! mad as a hatter AND blackberry bling? love.

kittytokaren said...

@Kimberly - Thank you!! If you're a glitterphile then I'm probably a glitterphobe...but you know what? I'm really loving my little step into your world!

@Jeannine - I too have some OCD problems, and in a more stressed out situation, I would not be able to handle the accent nail too. But I'm not really stressed...just kind of down. So this was perfect!! I'm glad an evolutionary biologist is backing up my opposable accent thumb theory!! :)

@Goose - Why haven't I seen your blog before!?!? I LOVE it!!! Your accent nail mani was perfect. I own both of those polishes and I think I'll be doing the same one, except with the thumb as an accent. Your blog is being favourited!

@Silva - Yeah glitter polish is a lot of work to get off!! But two nails seems much more manageable than 10!!

@terrenity - It is seriously amazing how polish and colour can change my mood. Really, its an impressive concept! I'm with you on the whole orange through yellow green just doesn't work...I'm strongly yellow-toned and yeah....bad times. And another biologist backing up my opposable thumb accent! Heck yeah!!

@Apriltini - *relaxes crazy eye* I'm safe, yes?

@Grace - hehe yeah I wouldn't wear this for a talk or presentation! Good luck!!!! :) And I'm really glad you like this!

@Sia - Thanks my friend!!

@Justine - Oh noes hex glitter!? You got me shaking in my boots. I don't own any hex glitter, but now you've got me thinking.....and LOL @ clown vomit!!!

@AllThingsNails - You're very welcome! I'm glad you don't think its too crazy!

@Lucy - OPI William Tell Me About OPI is from the Swiss collection this fall. I was thinking about doing Mad as a Hatter all over for New Years, but now that it looks like we might be going to a James Bond themed party, I'm thinking of going with a sultry vampy to be 'in character'...

@Jenny - Hahaha I'm glad you like crazy kittytokaren!! Meganchair's post was really cool and really made me interested in this - I would have never tried this otherwise!! I bet your What's with the cattitude + Simmer and Shimmer mani really works - those colours are probably very similar! I love Bring on the Bling btw - it's been on my toes ever since I got it!

@Laura - Thank you! They are super nubbins right now and its fun!!

@Varnish Vixen - Try it! I can't wait to see your pics!!

@amanda - Hehehe thank you!!


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