Thursday, December 9, 2010

L'Oreal Bijou Gems B. Daring

This cost me $0.00. Freecycle is awesome.

L'Oreal B. Daring

This is possibly one of my favorite red polishes ever. And I hate red polishes. But this one: glittery, holo and jelly! ALL AT ONCE. The photos are a little bit off: it's actually a deeper, richer red (and it's a lot more holo) in person.

Video of B. Daring

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jaljen said...

Freecycled! I never see anything like this! It's great.

StardustStephanie said...

I love this polish. This is the polish I ruined back in my more naive days when I got into nail polish. I had this one and it was thickened up, so I added acetone to it...yep. It is completely ruined now! This will haunt me forever! :P

Sia said...

I'm in love with this colour. Its really goes with the whole holiday theme. Thanks for sharing. Love Sia x

Zara said...

I reallly wish that they still made the Bijou Gems polishes! I had a green one from that line and it was my favorite nail polish...but then I used it up, and they had stopped making them. :( It's the only nail polish I've ever used a whole bottle of.

flinty said...

@jaljen: I've gotten some awesome polishes off of Freecycle. But then, I live in a pretty hippydippy town where giving away stuff is far more fashionable than throwing it away. :)

@stardust: aaaack, that would make me so sad! I still think that this shows up once in awhile in dollar stores though...

@sia: you're welcome! :)

@zara: THEY HAVE A GREEN ONE? OMG. I haven't seen it before!!

Lucy said...

I've never seen this one. Very pretty and so glittery. I haven't seen any L'Oreal in the Dollar Stores yet.

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