Sunday, January 2, 2011

A 007 New Year's!

HAPPY 2011 EVERYONE! I hope that all of you have a fantastic year with great successes, happy memories, and a few surprises! Eleven is a lucky number for me (along with 13 and 26) so my fingers are crossed that this will be a wonderful year!

New Years is always a big holiday for me and the hubs - we consider it an anniversary of sorts. We love dressing up and going all out! This year we decided to go to a James Bond themed New Years party in DC with lots of friends - and I had so much fun putting together my outfit! I wore a long navy blue gown with a jeweled neckline, and my most important accessory - a *gorgeous* blonde (faux) fur jacket/capelet. Trust looks really expensive, and definitely put my outfit in the correct genre! Plus, it kept me warm through all the cab rides, standing outside, and even at dinner. LOVE. (I am going to have to find myriad excuses to wear this. Maybe I'll just show up to lab wearing it. Yes. That will confuse my PI.)

I went with a dark blue smoky eye using the Urban Decay "The Black Palette" for make-up and decided to do a dark red mani. I thought it would be on-theme and would fit with the elegant/slightly vintage vibe I was trying to pull - so I chose Essie Bordeaux! I know you've seen it before, but in this year of trying so many reds (and failing!), it seems only fitting that I say goodbye to 2010 sporting one of my few red successes.

Here is Essie Bordeaux!

(Faux fur jacket/capelet by INC at Macy's here, Cocktail ring by Ann Taylor here.)

What did you do for New Years? Do you like to celebrate or do you keep it low-key? Did you do a special NYE manicure?? Let me know! I'd love to hear how everyone rang in 2011!


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AnNa said...

I love that red on you, it's so classic!

As for New Year's Eve - well, we did nothing. But I don't mind, I never liked the change of years. At least, my fingers looked pretty - inspired by fireworks. It's on my blog, if you want to check them out.

Grace said...

Such a gorgeous color, and what a fun theme for a party! I did OPI Glow Up Already (layered over China Glaze Midnight Kiss) for a NYE mani. I don't often feel comfortable in a full on glitter mani, so I figured I'd take advantage of the occasion and finally wear one of the Burlesque glitters I picked up. Hope you had a wonderful time!

Morgan said...

I love that color!! It looks really good on you too... As for my NYE manicure.. I did the Milani One Coat Glitters - in Silver Dazzle - which I am now in love with. You will have to check it out :) This new years eve was pretty low key with dinner and drinks with some friends!

Justine said...

That sounds like a stunning outfit! For NYE, I also attended a James Bond themed party! Parties aren't our scene and this year was the first time we went out for NYE. My SO's company was exhibiting at a party and he's the technical specialist who built the "artifact from Q's lab" on display. Since I didn't plan out a mani, I accessorized with the chunky multicolored necklace from China Glaze's holiday 2010 Celebrate in Style kit. :) A burgundy wrap kept off the chill and my floor-length royal blue ballgown hid sensible everyday Mary Jane flats. As drunk revelers desperately tried to hail taxis home, we hoofed the long road to the nearest subway stop. It amused me to see the eyes of female bystanders instantly dart down to my hemline as if they were wondering, "How is she walking in the snow in heels?"

Lucy said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and also looked beautiful doing it. I didn't even change my manicure and it really needed it. I've never cared for New Year's Eve. I don't like being around people that drink and get out of control. I have the curse of big breasts and a lifetime of every drunken guy coming to get me with hands outstretched. Too many bad experiences. Besides I can't drink anymore because of medication. I never drank much since I don't need it to have a good time. I stayed at home watching a British murder mystery series Midsomer's Murders. Bought loads of these on DVD for my girlfriend. We've been watching these over the holiday. Your nails look fabulous. I have all my nail equipment out to finally change my manicure.

Jenny$1983 said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish you'd show us photos of you dressed that way, I bet you looked stunning, beautiful nails and all :) I did nothing special, as I have similar feelings to Lucy about NYE. My manicure wasn't even anything different to what I'd wear at any time of the year (Glow Up Already! alone, 3 coats, with light pink Fing'rs Edge punk-type stickers on ring fingers and thumb), and nor was my nice glittery Urban Decay makeup!

Which leads me to ask, what do you think of 'The Black Palette'? I'm UD obsessed but I'm a bit dubious about that one... :)

kittytokaren said...

@AnNa - I'm now your 2nd follower! I love your NYE mani :) You are really creative!

@Grace - NYE is a great excuse for glitter!!

@Morgan - Your NYE sounds quiet but really fun! :) And oh my, people are going *crazy* for those Milani glitters, you're lucky you snagged it!

@Justine - No way!!! It wasn't the same one was it??? That is really awesome. Your outfit sounds beautiful by the way...and I would definitely be one of those women gawking at you like "HOW IS SHE DOING THAT"!

@Lucy - Happy New Years to you my friend! I understand your aversion to those kinds of situations...that's why its always best to attend these things with a large group of friends you know and love - which is what I did! Your NYE sounds like it was great too though! Sometimes a good night in really hits the spot!

@Jenny - Ahhhhhh I thought about it but I was way too shy to show you myself!! That's just another step into the internet that I'm not ready to take I guess... I absolutely *love* UD shadows - I think they are the best quality and the price is shockingly reasonable, especially for the palettes. I really like the Black Palette because I'm either a 'boring neutrals' girl (Hellooooo Naked Palette - scooped that up the day UD released it on their site) or a dark smoky eye kind of person, so it really works for me. The only ones I've tried so far are the blue (Sabbath), which genuinely looks blue and is fabulously pigmented, and the black (Black Dog) which is blacker than black! So far, love it. What's your fav e/s palette from them??


AnNa said...

@k2k: Wow! Thank you! *blushes* I am doing the happy dance over here :o)

Jenny$1983 said...

@k2k Ah, fair enough! :)

I love the Naked palette! I had to wait months for it as it was a Christmas present - it was torture! I think my favourite palette would be the Get Baked palette if I had it: I have all the shadows separately/in other palettes and I think Baked is probably my go-to, paired with Smog, then Thames Liquid Liner (old packaging UD, I wish they made a corresponding colour in their re-designed line, it's my favourite). As for palettes I actually have (!) I am really enjoying my UD <3 NYC, so many options! Do I take it your fave is Naked? ;)

Thank you for the reply :)

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