Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canmake 18 + So Laque Bleu Violet

I've been in a rut that feels suspiciously like depression. I can't really pinpoint it but it feels like I'm slogging through my life recently, uninterested in everything that previously interested me. Even nail polish doesn't really lift my spirits the way it used to.

Canmake 18 layered over Bourjois So Laque Bleu Violet

This nail polish combination made me smile though. First of all, the Bourjois Bleu Violet is a blurple creme (two coats of it was pretty much opaque and it was SO glossy, though the photo I took of it made it look dull) and I love me a good blurple creme. And then the Canmake 18! Sure, it's sheer glitter but it was so incredibly sparkly and the little opalescent bits against the blurple made it look like the glitter from Street Wear FX Green! My only regret is that I only used two coats of the Canmake; I should've used three to try to get more of the opalescent hex glitter on. This mani was taken on the fourth day of wear: it wouldn't really chip and without it chipping I was very unwilling to take it off!

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jaljen said...

Bleu Violet is magnificent. One of my fave blues.


I do hope you feel better soon!

This blurple is gorgeous! :)

Sia said...

OMG I love this! x

neeta said...

ooo, love this! especially the chunky glitter!

depression/gloomy days are never fun - I was always told to exercise and eat bananas (they have a precursor to serotonin) whenever I felt down, but I usually cheated and ate chocolate instead :)

flinty said...

@jaljen: It's just gorgeous. I wish my swatch of it was prettier. Or as pretty as it is in real life. Otherwise, I would've posted it!

@melisende: thanks!

@sia: It was a super happy mani. Blue and sparkly. Yum!

@neeta: Bananas? I've never heard of doing that. I have some great quality chocolate at home: maybe I'll melt some and dip bananas into it. :)

Lucy said...

Love the polishes. I feel the same way right now. I've only changed my polish twice in a month. I didn't have to change Diddy Mow since I had to chop my nails off so short. I did have chips but I chopped them off. I've just been in my nightgown and robe and haven't even wanted to dress.

Melissa Birch said...

What camera do you use for your pics? They turn out so nice!! I am not just sitting on the fence, but almost falling off into the side of blogging...but want to be sure I can post clear pics....I think it makes a HUGE difference! Thanks for any tips you can think of!!

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