Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New BF!

No, I didn't get a new boyfriend - I'm very happy with mine, thank you very much!

HOWEVER I did get something that is *almost* as awesome - a new Brand Favourite! My interest in Barry M polishes was piqued when photos showed up proving that their "Dusky Mauve" was indeed an exact Paradoxal dupe. Since Chanel's chip quickly on me, I wanted to try their dupes of Paradoxal and Particuliere out and see if the wear was better...Result? I'm breaking up with Chanel! (Except for the unique colours that I have...until I find dupes of those as well!)

Barry M Dusky Mauve, with Chanel Paradoxal on middle finger:



Bottle pics!

I can't tell the difference on the nail at all - and I wore it around for a long time in different light - so to me these are dupes!! They do look a little different in the bottle - the shimmer seems more prominent in the Barry M - but I've decided that this is just because the shimmer sticks to the side of the bottle more.

Barry M Mushroom, with Chanel Particuliere on middle finger:

OK so these look SUPER different in the bottle, but on the nail not so much. A discerning eye can see that the Barry M is ever-so-slightly yellower in tone...but is it really a $20 difference? Not to me.

One way these Barry M polishes aren't dupes for the Chanels? Wear. Chanel lasts usually 24 hours on me before a massive chip. I went 5 days with both Dusky Mauve and Mushroom and saw only some tipwear. Can't wait to see what my new Brand Fav comes up with next!

Did you discover a new brand recently?? I'm thinking of trying American Apparel polishes next...


P.S. Barry M is a drugstore brand in the UK. Thanks to a fab eBay seller - beauty.cosmeticsuk - we can get them here in the US at a fairly reasonable price.

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Kristina said...

Awesome! Would LOVE to know if there's a Barry M dupe for Chanel Gondola... Chanel is chippy on me too :(

Sia said...


Grace said...

I don't know much about this brand. Do you know if the dupes were already in their line or if they were made specifically as dupes of the Chanel colors? I know it's not like Chanel's hurting for it, but I've got sort of a personal rule not to buy polishes that were made just to dupe something else. I'd like to give my money to the brand that's doing the creative work, if I can. Although, maybe I'd feel differently if a $23 polish kept chipping off in less than a day... I've only got Paradoxal, but I haven't had much trouble with chipping.

Courtney said...

Wow, I can't believe how different Mushroom and Particuliere look in the bottle, but not on the nail! So cool. Thanks for the link, I had tried to order Dusky Mauve before, but only found the Barry M website, where shipping is out the wazoo! :-)

Noelie said...

Preach it, sistah! Barry M wears like mad on me too, and I had the exact same problem with Chanel. I looove Barry M. =)

The Beautiful Blog said...

I love Barry M! thanks for these great dupes nice to know how much money is saved buying these instead, all I hear about chanel is how the colours are great but they chip x

rlflint said...

I live in the UK and buy Barry M all the time. It's such a great brand! Mushroom is probablly my all time favorite polish. I've been looking for Dusky Mavue for ages and can't find it anywhere :(

kittytokaren said...

@Kristina - I don't know if there's dupe for Gondola - Barry M makes tons of polishes that aren't Chanel dupes. Maybe check the Barry M website?

@Sia - Hehehe glad you do!

@Grace - Both of these polishes were created after the Chanel releases, and I believe they were made to dupe the Chanels. Usually I'm with you - I like to buy the original version. But in this case, with the wear being so awful, I felt indignant enough about paying so much money for them, that I didn't feel bad buying the cheaper dupes!

@Courtney - Isn't that crazy!! Definitely try that eBay seller, their shipping is really reasonable!

@Noelie - Woo! We must have similar body chemistry!

@Beautiful Blog - They chip on some people, last forever on others! It all comes down to body chemistry, really! I'd say if you love a Chanel colour, its worth a shot to see how it goes!

@rlflint - I'm jealous that we don't have Barry M here in the US like you do in the UK! It's a lovely brand!!


Shell said...

Hi, I love your blog!
Do you know if the Borghese color Mochaccino from the new Rapido collection is a dupe for Chanel Particuliere?

kittytokaren said...

@Shell - Hi there!! Unfortunately I don't and I can't even guess because I haven't even seen that collection in my stores yet!


Lesley said...

well you certainly sold me! I just ordered dusky mauve! can't wait to wear it!

kittytokaren said...

@Lesley - Hope you enjoy it!!


Jen said...

That does it! I just bought one on Evilbay. I've been trying to resist, but this post pushed me over the edge. I can't wait to try it! Thanks for a wonderful blog!!

kittytokaren said...

@Jen - Yay! I hope you love it!! And you're welcome - we all love to post here. :)


Andy said...

OK, so being in the UK, and liking both these colours a lot, but refusing to shell out Chanel prices, means you've just put two items on my must find list! A trip to Boots / Superdrug is in order!

kittytokaren said...

@Andy - So jealous you're in the UK!! My seller doesn't have the Instant Nail Effects crackle polish available and I'm after that as well as the Grey! Good luck, and enjoy my friend!


Lucy said...

Well now I'll have to go to ebay. I've never bought from them. I did buy once from Barry M and the shipping is outrageous. Glad you found dupes for those. It's very disheartening when you pay a small fortune for polish and it chips so easily.

Andy said...

Hi again - my quick trip to Boots found Mushroom (which I bought), but no Dusty Mauve, nor an obvious slot it was supposed to be - so maybe it is an older one or internet only - shame. (I also bought a couple of Models Own polishes which were on offer). I picked up the Barry M Crackle a few days after it came out some time ago, but I haven't seen any since. If I find more I'll let you know. Don't be jealous of being in the UK - it is much harder / more expensive to get many great brands here, such as China Glaze, OPI, Essie etc. TransDesign international shipping ain't cheap! OPI costs £10 here, and Essie about the same.

The Beautiful Blog said...

Thanks for the tip :) x

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