Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Odd Case of Matching - Essie Merino Cool

Memo: This most certainly looks more purple on me than on other people, I'm sure. My whack-a-doodle skin tone is at it again!

Either way, I love Essie Merino Cool - its sleek and chic while still being warm and cozy. I love these colours so much...

In fact, I love purpletaupegreiges so much, Merino Cool is even the same colour as my Laura Mercier eyeshadow in Twilight Grey - one of my favourites for putting in my crease for an everyday look! Neat right?? Application was gorgeous - two quick and easy coats. *sigh* I have so many polishes in this colour family now, but I never get sick of them. I really hope this trend is here to stay!

Do you have a polish that oddly matches something in your wardrobe, make-up drawer, living room, etc.?? I saw a lady with an Essie Sew Psyched purse the other day and I wanted to talk to her so badly!


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jaljen said...

I only have to coordinate with black usually so that kind of thing never happens.

Tal said...

Pretty color! I'll have to get it!

Morgan said...

That's so pretty!! I am def. adding this to my wish list :)

Nail Polish Junkie said...

I really love this:)It´s on my wish list. I have some nice taupe polish, channelesque, Barry M Dusky Mauve, and I am so in love with them. I have a lot of eyeshadows in taupe, MAC satin taupe being my favorite:)

Sarah said...

I have eyed this for ages & never picked it up since I have a few other taupes, but the purple in this makes me want it!

BabyGirlRina said...

Wow Merino Cool is soo beautiful! My MAC Trax eyeshadow matched my Milani Nailpolish in Dot Com.

Sia said...

I love xx

Deborah said...

It's so funny how you spot a bag.. and link it to a polish color! As far as I know I don't have any matching stuff, but maybe I just don't see it?

Grace said...

I actually just "rediscovered" this polish in my stash over the weekend. Totally forgot I had it, and I can't remember if I've worn it. I guess it got lost in the shuffle of my big fall polish haul. The fall collections are always my favorite, and I guess I went a little nuts this year. I will definitely be giving this one another chance!

kittytokaren said...

@jaljen - Well black goes with everything so I guess you can wear anything on your nails and not worry!

@Tal - Glad you like it - I highly recommend it!

@Morgan - Thank you!

@Nail Polish Junkie - I love that family of polishes too - I think I probably have too many, but I wear them all, so who cares right?? If I ever purchase MAC eyeshadow, my first one will be Satin Taupe. :)

@Sarah - It really is lovely - I say give it a shot!

@BabyGirlRina - Haha that is a very cool matching scenario! Love it!

@Sia - Thanks friend!

@Deborah - Haha I know I think that its just a sign that my nail polish obsession has just gone full blown! I knew that lady would think I was crazy and went up and talked to her... Maybe you'll notice an accidental match someday like I did with this one!

@Grace - Fall fashion is always my favourite, and typically its the same for polish collections as well - we really are very similar, aren't we!! I think you'd like this if you took it out for a test drive!


Courtney said...

I love these colors too! Looks great on you! I think we *must* have the same skin tone, because all of my colors like this pull very purple on me too. I have a crazy time with my skin tone pulling colors out of polish all the time, usually the pink colors. Crazy how that happens!

TropicalChrome said...

Two coats of Illamasqua Raindropz topped with two coats of Sally Hansen Salon Silver Lining is the exact color of my new car.

Ok, so I worked on matching it. But it's really kind of neat.

Amanda said...

Hi there, lurker coming out from the shadows to let you know I tagged you ladies in an award on my blog :) I'm just starting out, so if you get a chance, check it out - if not, enjoy the recognition? Keep up the good work! :)

Lucy said...

This is so gorgeous on you. I used to match my polish to my clothing when I was younger. I only wore t shirts and jeans. Everyday I wore a color to match. Now I don't do that as often. I did buy a green handbag that I'm sure I have a polish to match. I'm sure I have plenty of eye shadows that match polish also.

Beauty Reductionista said...

[previous comment deleted for having the wrong link]

LOL @ a Sew Psyched Bag spotting

I love Merino Cool but I think it looks so much like all the grey-purply stuff I already have that I can't make myself get it. I held one in my hand at a beauty supply store for like 10 minutes before I finally let it go.

I matched by accident like this a few months ago:

kittytokaren said...

@Courtney - From the little picture of you I can see when you leave the comment it looks like we do have a very similar skin tone...really pale with strong yellow undertones?? I always feel like my skin is crazy too!

@TropicalChrome - Wow that sounds like an awesome colour car!! Very pretty!! :) Hehe and I like that you tried to match your car!

@Amanda - Thank you so much that is very sweet!!! I'm checking out your blog this very minute. :)

@Lucy - Haha wow did you do your nails every day to match your wardrobe? That sounds like it took a lot of planning ahead! I'm impressed. I wish I could pick out my clothes the night before but even if I try usually I'm in the mood for something else by morning. How big is your polish collection if I can ask??

@Beauty Reductionista - Yeah Merino Cool certainly has a lot of cousins and is purportedly a dupe of the original China Glaze Channelesque, so I can see why you debated. BTW I love your case of matching!! The bag even has gold hardware to go with the gold sparkles in AA!!


תמר said...

i love essie and their colors -some say their colors are boring but i dont think so. i recently got chinchilly and merino cool*and some other essie's but only sported chinchilly. it seems as merino cool is very very similar- very much hoping that they are not. even though i love the grey-purple trend i dont want two the same!
did i already tell you that i love your blog and your tatse

Alison said...

I love those colours too! merino cool is a fave and although I haven't tried the LM Eyeshadow I use a very similar one from Chanel in my crease everyday. It's called Taupe Gris it may be a touch darker so I'll have to see if it matches either Essie MC or Smokin Hot!

kittytokaren said...

@Tamar -I so agree with you - I'm an Essie fanatic. I dont think Chinchilly and Merino Cool are too similar...MC is darker and definitely has more purple! And thanks so much for your nice comments! I always smile when I see a comment from you!

@Alison - Ahhhh Taupe Gris is *gorgeous*!!!! I bet it looks like Smokin' Hot but maybe a little lighter??


sparris said...

Somebody in my house/apartment building has a Dirty Sexy Money car, apparently. And I've seen a RBL 360 one a few times as well.

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