Friday, March 25, 2011

Essence Ultimate Pink

I'm telling you, Essence and Ulta are fighting it out as to which one should receive all of my love.

For 99 cents, how do you pass these little buggers up?

This is Essence Ultimate Pink, a pure bubblegum pink if I ever saw one. Think Barbie... lots of Barbie. It was a tad bit sheer and took maybe three coats to build up, but it dried like a champ and wore really well. And for 99 cents, I'll slap that third coat on with a smile.

Now if only I could get my hands on more interesting colors of Essence. My Ulta seems to roll out the same colors all the time and never dabbles in collections. Does anyone else have that problem?

Happy day, all!

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little XXS said...

looks great. I've a lot of 'colour&go' nail polishes, but this one looks very nice.. I must try it !

paint that nail said...

This Essence color is really pretty, next time i go to Ulta I will have to look for it and maybe pick it up! Nice swatch :)

Geo58 said...

Looks lovely on you. Goes very well with your skin tone. Really, these polishes are like$.99? amazing. Not really a big fan (of wearing pinks) however, this pink looks so pretty, it has a calming effect, it appears. Thanks for swatching this. Have a great weekend.


Mc Huggs ;)

(♥♥♥♥♥) Minty said...

I love Essence nail polishes. It's amazing how much the line "You get what you pay for" can be wrong.

Lucy said...

Last night I was on the Ulta web site for an hour. I had Essence polishes in my basket. I've never used the brand before. Well I went to check on something else and a weird screen came up from Ulta about a problem and I lost it all. I couldn't get back on either. How annoying was that! This was one of the polishes I chose. Looks really sweet and pretty on you. I'll have to try another time.

Lacquer Addicts Anonymous said...

I am not the pink kinda girl but I like it on your nails though...

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