Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simply grown up? - Essie Secret Affair

Thinking about graduating in December (fingers crossed?!) has me thinking about polishes that would work in a more conservative work environment in case that's where I end up - I am soooo not staying in academia! I think this fits the bill nicely.

Essie Secret Affair is a pinkish light nude that is lightly opalescent/pearly thanks to the subtle shimmer.

Pretty. Neutral. Interview-worthy.

Simple. Unlike my life right now.


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LauraSummer said...

Ooh, I need this shade in my life! And essie st tropez. Your nails look amazing as usual

jaljen said...

Pretty. Pretty. And gorgeous nails too as LS says.

Stephanie said...

So, something to make you feel better (because unfortunately I can't make your life less complicated): I'm always really excited when I see that you've posted. You always choose sophisticated-looking colors that look absolutely fantastic on you. Your nails are beautiful; I love the length and the shape. You make sheers look amazing, and that's really saying something because I don't love me a sheer. You've created countless Essie lemmings for me. I guess what I'm saying is, keep it up! I love seeing what you're wearing.

jaybird said...

That's a perfect color for you.

Sia said...

Love! x

Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

What Stephanie said!

Lucy said...

Very nice polish. One that I can use since I have super short nubbins! Time for you to get out there into the workforce! Good luck with everything that you do. At least your nails will look spectacular.

kittytokaren said...

@LauraSummer - Thank you!! I have to tell you though, I tried Sand Tropez and didn't much like it on my skin. I've seen it look gorgeous on others though!

@jaljen - Why thank you friend!

@Stephanie - If I could reach through this computer and hug you, I would. Thank you so much for those kind words!! Sometimes I feel like no one is interested in the colours I chose, so hearing this makes me really happy and want to keep blogging! Hehe and I know I've been posting a lot of Essie lately, but hey, it's what I'm wearing right now! :) Glad you like it, and again, thank you.

@jaybird - Thanks! I think it really works too.

@Sia - Thanks friend :)

@Melissa - Thank you, you ladies are so sweet to me!

@Lucy - I think this would look great on nubbins and longer nails alike! Hopefully I'll be out in the workforce by this time next year. I'm nervous and scared and have no idea what I want to do. If I have some work/interview polishes ready to go in my arsenal, I'll feel more confident!


Grace said...

This is so pretty, and I don't think I've come across it before. It's perfect for interviews! I just finished my last one on Friday, so I'm wearing a fun mani to celebrate (not that I've got the job yet or anything...) inspired by your glitter accent mani. OPI Siberian Nights and Sparkle-iscious on my thumbs!

Anonymous said...

this is soo pretty - i love it!

Maja said...

wow, this looks perfect on you! maybe a little bit too whiteish for me.. :) (btw, you have really nice hands, very elegant)

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