Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zoya Phoebe (Mod Mattes, Summer 2011)

Back from Taipei. Too tired, too harried, too stressed out... sigh.

Zoya Phoebe
I am so bad at applying mattes! This was a goopy mess for me. I love the color: this almost wispy, ethereal shimmering blue satin... and then there are the clumps. Two coats. Because a third would've been even worse.

Zoya Phoebe with topcoat
Better, much better. Such pretty blue shimmer with topcoat, no?

Time to prepare for section...

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Normal Girl said...

it looks so pretty, but i had a lot of trouble applying it too... ugh, why Zoya?!

paint that nail said...

Ooo I love this color, especially with the shiny top coat!

Lexi said...

It was hard for me as well. Its like you have to wear a top coat or you will notice all the flaws of the application. I also found it hard to do designs with these matte colors. But they are so pretty.

Lucy said...

I haven't worn the new mattes yet. I didn't have any problem with the others. I love Zoya's mattes. This is a beautiful shade of blue. I'll have to try it soon. Now where did I put them?!

Jenn said...

I love this color, and I love it with the topcoat. How many days of wear did you get out of it with the topcoat? Roughly a week or so?

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