Monday, June 6, 2011

Chanel Miami Peach

Chanel Miami Peach

First off, "peach" is a bit of a misnomer. It's redder, more saturated. More like Miami Guava than Peach. (Mmm, guava.) What really sucked me in was the more-obvious-and-bigger-than-usual Chanel shimmer. This polish originally caught my eye, not at Neiman Marcus where it's currently being repromoted as a store exclusive, but at the duty free shop in the SFO International terminal. This was during my second most recent trip to Taipei in December. I saw it in the shop and wanted but thought that it wasn't a good color for me anyway and besides, if I changed my mind, I could just order it from or something. At the time, I don't even think they had re-released it in any stores... which disappointed me. And also it whet my appetite for it. (I love it when polishes play hard-to-get.)

Anyway, the next time I was back at the SFO International terminal (to Taiwan in April), I saw it again and I seized the day... along with one or two other Chanel polishes that aren't as common. (Nothing too famous.) I waited a couple of weeks to wear it because I wanted a nice occasion and eventually, I put it on for my birthday.

Maybe I was having a bad day but I got so annoyed with the application of this polish. Barring Mimosa, Chanel polishes have been a breeze for me to apply. Miami Peach, however, was thick, sheer, and uneven... and I was risking cuticle drag after the first coat. I believe that this was three coats and the only reason I stopped was because I was in danger of sweeping it all off. (No, I don't like to wait between coats. Yes, I know I should.) So... upside... it's jelly. And the gold shimmer is truly lovely. Downside, it clashed badly with my skin. And it took a long time to dry... and then it shrunk.

At least I didn't pay tax on it?

Close up of Miami Peach

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ilexica said...

I actually quite like that on you. I can never be arsed with Chanel polishes though, my experience has been one of a $2 formula in a $20 bottle. It's weird when their makeup line is so good.

Sminkan said...

Oh! Very cute!

Lucy said...

Pretty shade but I don't think it's special enough for the price. Your right that it looks more guava colored.

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