Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*insert pirate joke here* - my POTC picks!

You've already heard (way too much) about the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, I'm sure, so let's get to the meat of this sandwich!

These are the colours I chose from the collection, and I think they are all must-haves!

Stranger Tides

Probably my #1 favourite - a murky pistachio green that feels like it was designed with my skin tone in mind. Neutral enough to be wearable as it doesn't scream "GREEN!", but different enough to be edgy and cool. I. Am. In. Love!!! Unfortunately, this is *really* close to Essie Da Bush - from the Essie Resort 2011 Collection, which you will see soon - but I love the colour so much I'm going to keep both. (For those interested, Da Bush is a bit darker and ever-so-slightly more blue-toned.)

Skull & Glossbones

Again, this feels like it was made for me. Usually greys turn purple on me thanks to my yellow skin - even Essie Chinchilly, which many people claimed had green undertones, looks purple on me. See? Other greys are just too cool-toned for me and look...off. But this is my perfect light grey! It is somehow grey and warm at the same time. *swoon*

Steady As She Rose

I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do! It's a great pale pink - it looks practically lavender in the bottle! On the nail murky and blue enough to keep this pink from being too sugary and girly - it's feet stay firmly in chic territory. Hallelujah!

Mermaid's Tears

This is my one kind of iffy one, but to be fair, I haven't worn it as a full-on all-day-all-night manicure yet. (And it looks stunning on my friend Megan!) It's like a murky piece of polished jade - I was surprised to see that it was quite similar to Essie Turquoise & Caicos in colour, but not necessarily in saturation/brightness. To me, this is T&C's dustier, more sedate cousin. I think that while T&C is out at the beach in a bikini, Mermaid's Tears is brooding in a cafe. I'm just not sure this colour looks *quite right* on my tips...

Silver Shatter

This is probably the one I will use the least, but have the most fun with! A little fling every now and again is just fine (with polish)! Here it is over Essie Mint Candy Apple, for funsies. It's SUPER shimmery, but doesn't seem to crack as much as Black Shatter. I like to apply thicker coats to get more divided cracks - less of the spider-web effect.

I know this collection is being talked and talked and talkedandtalkedandtalked about, but I have to say it is my favourite OPI collection since Holiday 2009. I feel like these dirgy (dirty + dingy) pastels are right up my alley and will have a long, happy and loved life in my collection. Couldn't be happier. Just when we thought Johnny Depp couldn't get any better...

Did you score any POTC polishes? Which ones and what do you think?


P.S. Shout-out to my friend Keeley who is doing her preliminary exam today! Good luck and knock 'em dead with your knowledge!!!

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Charlotte said...

Agreed fully on Skull and Glassbones and Steady As She Rose. I was thinking they looked familar but with S&G especially, I think it's slowly working it's way into my "must have grey" column! I just spotted and blogged about the new Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoats...still on the fence, but they do have a LOT of colors to choose from! I like how Silver Shatter looks on you!

Sarah said...

I picked up Mermaid Tears and Skull & Glossbones! I was surprised to find they're very similar to Essie Turquoise & Caicos and Playa del Platinum. I'm still glad I got them though because I think I like both of these better!

Grace said...

I got Mermaid Tears and Stranger Tides, but I was also eying skull and glossbones... I was afraid I'd have a dupe in my stash, so I've been waiting for the swatches to start showing up! Do you think it's pretty similar to Essie Playa del Platinum, or do I need this one, too?

Lindsey9107 said...

Wow! Stranger Tides *is* made for you.

I'm glad Skull and Glossbones worked out, too.

:) Lindsey9107 on MUA

Varnish Vixen said...

Stranger Tides looks so good on you!! I didn't care for it myself, but it is perfect on you! And I love your comparison of Mermaid's Tears and Essie Turquoise and Caicos...so perfect (especially since I have a bikini that perfectly matches T&C!).

Sia said...

I'm never tried OPI, but I think I will soon. I've fallen in love with the first colour. Love Sia xoxo

SwatchAndLearn said...

These all look great on you, but Stranger Tides won my heart!

Thanks for sharing your swatches with us.
- Mary

Natalie said...

They all look gorgeous! :) Can't wait to get mine in the mail!!!

Toyomi said...

They are gorgeous but I'm loving the first green.

Piff said...

You realize this post made me give up fighting the urge and BUY THEM ALL.

peripatetic33 said...

oooh oooh can you show Stranger Tide and Da bush side by side?

Peri said...

I love Mermaid's Tears and Silver Shatter. I hope I have one...

kittytokaren said...

@Charlotte - You have the SH Crackles?? *runs to your blog*

@Sarah - It's funny I'm the same way with those two as well!

@Grace - I don't remember what blog, but I saw a comparison somewhere. Playa del Platinum looked...I don' tknow..uglier? Maybe I'm just biased because PdP looked horrendous on me.

@Lindsay - Thanks friend!! :)

@Varnish Vixen - Ahhaha that's amazing!! I think its a perfect bikini colour :)

@Sia - OOoooo let me know if you get it and how you like it! It's my new fav!

@SwatchandLearn - You're so very welcome - and thank YOU for commenting. ST won my heart as well :)

@Natalie - Which ones did you get??

@Toyomi - Me too friend, me too. It's my fav!

@Piff - YES YES YES!!!! I needed to get you back somehow for all the polishes you've made me purchase...

@peripatetic - I will be doing that in an upcoming post! :)

@Peri - THey are beautiful, I hope you can get your hands on them!


(♥♥♥♥♥) Minty said...

Mermaid's Tears is my favorite and Silver Shatter looks great on you!

Lesley said...

great choices! I think they all look fab on you! Especially Stranger Tides (which I wasn't interested in til just now...)

Olivia Frescura said...

ahhh hell. I want them all. f. lmfao.


kittytokaren said...

@Minty - MT is a pretty one - I think its going to be very popular! And thanks!

@Lesley - Stranger Tides is sooooo good! Seriously, my new fav!

@Olivia Frescura - LOL!! I don't blame you, it's an amazing collection!


Faboulista said...

first of all why r u so damn good at doing your nails? i am so damn jelous of how goregous your hand look. u make every one of these nailpolishes seem like the most coveted colour at the moment. true talent i tell u have!

Lucy said...

This is one collection that I will probably buy them all! I do love all these murky shades. I like that there aren't any "typical" blues in this collection. Different from what I thought was going to be released.

Alison said...

I was trying not to get any of this collection but knew as soon as I saw your pics I would want them! Stranger Tides, Skull and Glossbones and Steady As She Rose are all gorgeous and the ones I would pic from this collection too. I am unsure about siver shatter just because I bought black shatter and have only used it the once! But it does look pretty!

Geo58 said...

Love them all, and when you say "all must haves, you are not kidding: Mermaid's Tears, (love that more on the green teal side) Stranger Tides,(lovely pistachio green you called it!) Skull & Gloss bones, (love that Grey combo) Steady As She Rose, that steady pale pink...) Sadly the Shatter doesn't shatter as much as others but would love to try it too.

Don't have any pirate jokes, LOL

Grace said...

You got me lemming Steady as She Rose, so I caved and stopped into Ricky's on my way to the office this morning to pick it up. This Ricky's also happened to have Essie PdP in stock, so I did an in person bottle comparison with Skull and Glossbones and they were SO similar I just couldn't justify dropping another $10 for SaG. PdP leans just the slightest bit more beige, but the difference is barely discernible.

What I DID find was a random bottle of Essie marked down to $3.99. It's labeled "Midnight Tango" (?), but it's clearly Midnight Cami, which I've been lemming since you swatched it ages ago, but just hadn't gotten around to picking up. Score!

kittytokaren said...

@Faboulista - Haha thank you so much!! What compliments!!

@Lucy - I agree - I'm glad there isn't an expected blue in in there. It's a superstar of a collection!!

@Alison - I really really really think you're going to like the colours you picked!! The Shatter really is "just for fun" and not really something I'll use a lot either... <3 <3

@Geo58 - Haha I was weak on pirate jokes too...I'm so glad you liked the colours I picked!

@Grace - Yes! PdP is more beige! (You're right, not by that much though.) ...but enough to make a huge difference on my hands. Oi. Crazy skin tone. And I know whats up with "Midnight Tango"! It is indeed Midnight Cami, but it was relabelled to go into the Addams Family trio - funny they had a single of it!


jigglypuffsong said...

Stranger Tides is lovely on you... it was the one I wanted in this collection but it looks godawful on me. Steady as She Rose was nice also but I've got Revlon Lilac Pastelle which is pretty close, if not as dusty.

Ruthlessrocks said...

I saw these in store, and they are all not haves for me, it's not that I was "dissapointed" with the collection they're just not original enough for my stash to justify purchasing. (I have the silver shatter, separately) I was dissapopinted with Texas though. I feel OPI is failing me, and Essie in a way too

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