Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sally Hansen Problem Child: Happy Mother's Day!

Look, I'm alive... and have polished nails. Who knew? (I've barely known. I think I've changed my nails three times in the last three weeks.)

In honor of Mother's Day...

Sally Hansen Problem Child

I'm not the biggest fan of the SH Complete line: the brush can be a bit too thick and the pastels never go over well (too streaky). But I love their dark shimmery colors. They apply so perfectly. If you apply thick coats, you can get away with one coat but this mani was two coats. It looks like a generic dark purple shimmer until you look really closely: it's actually chock full of blue and pink microglitter (or maybe just very bright shimmer) with coppery flakies! I wouldn't have thought it'd make a good combination, but it was lovely. Also, this manicure dried completely in less than ten minutes... and then lasted over eight days without chipping.

Close-up of Problem Child

But wearing a mani for eight days gets boring. So then I decided to layer Clarins 230 over it to see if any magic would occur. (Eh, it did not. Hence, no picture.) But I did have a bottle of China Glaze Broken Hearted crackle polish near me so on it went:

China Glaze Broken Hearted over Sally Hansen Problem Child (and Clarins 230)
If you click for a closeup, the cracks in the polish look a bit like sparkly lava. Sort of.

Well, my mother is finally coming back to the States from Taipei tomorrow (now that ALL the funerary ceremonies are done... you know... a month after my grandfather's passing) so I have no one to call for mother's day. I'm sending her a "Welcome Home" bouquet of flowers though to be delivered on Tuesday.

The past two weeks since I got back from Taipei have been such a blur. I seemed to have gotten a lot of nail polish. (More sparklies from Taipei, picked up a lot of Anna Sui at Duty Free, did the Zoya Exchange, ordered off of an etailer, bought Chanel Mimosa, and splurged on some Diors -- haven't decided whether I want the whole Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Probably not. Just a couple of colors. I REALLY want the Serena Williams Glam Slam France set.) This is just pathological because I don't have time to even really do my nails this quarter.

Hey, I needed something to do while procrastinating from making a poster for a grad school research symposium that I only had two days to prepare for. The "leaving it to last minute" thing was real smart of me.

Now til the end of the quarter is going to be hell.
  • TA-wise: one more midterm, five more homework assignments, three more worksheets, three more sections, a couple more pop quizzes, and a final exam. TA hell will be largely over by June 2nd.
  • Psychonomics 2011 abstract is due June 1st. My advisor and I hope to submit my newest study, whose results are very promising. I should start writing that today.
  • Analyze the results of Exp 2 (currently running) for the June 1st deadline.
  • Create and run Exp 3 and have preliminary results for the June 1st deadline.
  • Do preliminary corpus analysis for another, completely separate experiment.
  • Find an RA for the summer.
  • Revise/resubmit a paper on the research I did the first two years of grad school to a journal before their imposed (90 day) July deadline. This is going to involve many hours of recoding and reanalyzing data. Not looking forward to it.
I just want to go back to sleep.

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Marta said...

Lovely colour. Reminds me a tad of a darker and sparklier "Paradoxal". Love how you're wearing "problem child" on mothers day. Cute!!!

Lucy said...

Good choice for Mother's Day! I hope everything is sort of back to normal. You have so much to do till the end of the quarter. Makes me tired just reading it all. Please do it early! Not good putting things off.

Jo said...

Ooh, I really like Problem Child :)

Piff said...

I'm glad you're back and getting into the groove. I miss you!!

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