Friday, May 13, 2011

Silk stockings: OPI samoan sand

Kittytokaren has talked about her favourite 'silk stockings' polish, the one you reach for to make your nails look more shiny, more clean, more finished.

This is mine, for when I want to pretend I'm not wearing anything. One coat of China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier, one coat OPI Samoan Sand. It goes on a little streaky and milky, but dries to a lovely shiny, bright looking finish. It's perfect for disguising any stains or ridges. I also use this a lot for French manis over OPI Creme of Crete (old formula with bad stuff in it and a narrow brush) for the tips.

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Alison said...

Your nails are stunning! I am so envious of your long nail beds!

My silk stockings shade is Chanel Ballerina, a quick dash of the milky pink sheer makes my nails look healthy, clean and perfectly groomed, I love it.

ilexica said...

Thanks! That sounds a good recommendation, I will check it out.

I don't understand why this image isn't clickable - sometimes it seems to work and sometime not. Very odd!

Lucy said...

I agree with Alison that your nails are stunning. I'll have to try this polish.

Ruthlessrocks said...

My god your nail beds are lovely. It's like nail bed porn for me...rule 34. I feel so stumpy!

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