Friday, May 27, 2011

TiNS The Neptune and China Glaze Lightening Bolt Crackle

TiNS makes the most incredible glitterbombs. Alas they are fairly expensive and rare in the US so I have to rely on... well, an MUAer by the name of TerribleTerra. She gets tons of polishes from Asia, sells the ones she doesn't want... and over the years, I must've purchased around 100 polishes from her. Nearly all my Asian polishes -- with the exception of the ones I purchased this year from Taipei -- are from her.

TiNS The Neptune

Cobalt blue jelly, chunky (but not in a dull and icky way) with different sizes of holo glitter. This was two coats and on the third day of wear (as you can see from the tipwear/shrinkage). Most TiNS glitter polishes sparkle without the benefit of actual sunlight. I. just. love.

Close-up of The Neptune
ALL sorts of holo glitter: larger hex glitter, smaller round glitter, square glitter... glitter galore!

TiNS The Neptune with China Glaze Lightening Bolt on top
This didn't turn out as well as I hoped it would. Part of it is that the white crackle never quite looks as opaque as one feels like it should. Part of it was that the contrast wasn't striking enough.

BUT! Take a peek at this pic. I wish all the nails turned out like my ring finger:
Crackle polishes were made for macro mode, don't you think?

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JC! :) said...

i really love that first one.

Varnish Vixen said...

Beautiful glitter bomb! I still don't know what to make of crackle...especially the white one. Hrm.

Sia said...

I love!! x

Paillette said...

Waaaay too awesome!!!

I am loving this Tins brand!!!

JQ said...

It's pretty like frosting!

OOOOOH! You know what it actually reminds me of? Ever seen Alien Resurrection? It reminds me of the android's innards! NEAT! (I'm a total geek)

A Polished Touch said...

Love the glitter polish.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! maybe you should participate in my giveaway, I only give away polishes from India, China and Korea :)

Lucy said...

I love Tins polishes. Alas I love from afar! They just made the best glitters. This is a beauty. Don't like the crackle over it at all.

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