Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hints of Marimekko - Essie Silken Cord

Essie Silken Cord is really from Essie's most recent winter collection, but I see it more as a summer colour.

It's a juicy pop of red-pink with a hint of orange that for some reason reminds me of Marimekko fabrics, which are my absolute favourite. (My baby blanket was even made out of Marimekko!) I love anything Marimekko, and I love this polish! I've been really enjoying brights this summer far more than I usually do. They seem perfectly suited for sitting back with a cocktail and watching some tennis...


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Lyolya said...

Oh, I so very much love this polish! And I agree that is looks more summerish, rather than a winter color.

Varnish Vixen said...

<3 You! I'm pretty obsessed with Marimekko! I troll Crate and Barrel waiting for the Marimekko sheets to go on sale.

I don't have this color, but you've made me want it just through comparing it to the beloved fabrics.

Toyomi said...

This is a pretty bright color it . I like it !

beachgal said...

I keep seeing this shade pop up on blogs all summer. I knew it was not part of their last 3 collections (when I started to really follow Essie shades), but this one is on my list of Essie's I NEED to get. I have Essie Geranium and adore that one.

Lucy said...

It doesn't look like Winter at all. Beautiful shade.

kittytokaren said...

@Lyolya - Do you have it?? I'd love to see pics!

@Varnish Vixen - OMG I knew there would be *one* person who would understand my Marimekko love. Growing up my baby blankie was Marimekko, our towels were Marimekko, the sheets were Marimekko. I think its awesome that C&B carries it - so much easier to get in the US now! I'm not sure exactly what about this polish reminds me of the fabrics, but it does. If you see/get it, let me know if you agree!

@Toyomi - Yes its quite happy! :)

@beachgal - I looooveeeee Geranium!!! This is like a pinker version - instead of the orange in Geranium there is pink. I think you'll like it!

@Lucy - It definitely screams summer to me!


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