Saturday, July 23, 2011

Huemorista Hidden Rainbow

Some enterprising nail polish aficionado is selling her own homemade nail polish on etsy! Check out her store, Huemorista. I bought six of her nail polishes (which come in those cute mini bottles) awhile back and have only had a chance to wear one of them so far.

Huemorista Hidden Rainbow
If it were slightly more blue, it would be what I wanted Lippmann Glitter in the Air to be. But as it is, it's a grey-tinged off-white with a lot of glitter of different colors and shapes within. It's just translucent enough that glitter in other layers will show through but not so translucent that the glitter is bright. It's a nice subtle, playful look and I enjoyed it. This was four coats... not because it wasn't opaque but because I wanted more glitter on the nail. :) Alas, it got chippy on me fast. Be sure to shake it up a LOT before using; the tons of glitter settles on the bottom of the bottom.

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Kimberly said...

Reminds me of the manicure sandwich look without the layered polishes. Very unique; I like this.

Katie said...

I love how this polish looks subtle with glitter. I haven't seen anything like this.

beachgal said...

Thanks for telling us about someone who is making their own polishes and starting to sell them. I really like to support folks doing this as long as they make a good quality product. Always looking for something that is not what is on the shelves - or maybe someone who has made a knock off dupe of something that no way would I spring for the $ for - esp if it's a shade that is only going to get worn maybe 4-5 times like many that I want that are high $ now because I did not buy them when they were out - found out about them late long after release.

Constantly Undone said...

I keep meaning to order some of hers. <3

Lucy said...

This is a pretty one. Looks better than the Lippmann!

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