Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More polishes for sale!

Now that the mystery boxes are all sold -- much quicker than anticipated, yikes y'all are fast! -- I'm now putting up my higher-end and harder-to-find polishes up for sale.

Shipping is $2.50 for the first polish, $0.50 for each additional polish. If you get 6 or more polishes, shipping is a flat rate of $5 (and this will automatically receive Delivery Confirmation). If you get fewer than 6 polishes and want to be able to track your package, it will cost $0.80 extra. Payment will be through PayPal. I am happy to ship internationally but the shipping cost will have to be calculated.

Contact me using the link to the "Contact Us" form above if you want to purchase. If you are confused about how to do that, please comment below with your contact information. Please do not try to reserve polishes through the comments; please only request polishes through email. Thanks! :D

All used 1x unless otherwise indicated. Grey ones are pending/sold and will be made black again if they become available.

Anna Sui - $11 each

606 (orange with gold glitter)

504 (brown jelly with gold microglitter, green glitter and iridescent flakes)

906 (holo square glitter and blue circle glitter)

BB Couture

Hound Dog (80% full) - $4

Kokomo - $7

Moon Over Manhattan (75% full) - $4

Peacock - $7

Tropical Sunset (80% full) - $4

Chanel - $18 each


Miami Peach (w/box)

Ciate - $9 each

Ladylike Luxe

Lemon Sherbert


Deborah Lippmann

Happy Birthday - $12

Some Enchanted Evening - $10

Dior Vernis - $15 each

Gris Montaigne (707)

Bleu Poison (900, Poison Blue, w/box)

L'Oreal (Essie North Fork dupes) - $3 each

High Tide

Ocean Breeze

Waters Edge


38 (flakey, 60% full) - $5

50 (flakey, 75% full) - $6

54 (flakey, 75% full) - $6

59 (flakey, 75% full) - $6

555 (creme/jelly, used 1x) - $8

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - $5 each



Beta (NOT $5, posted about this recently, if you want it as a free throw-in, just ask)

Pop Beauty - $5 each





Rescue Beauty Lounge (all w/box)

$14 each



$12 each


Square Pants

$8 each

Sheer Pink

Sheer Natural

Sally Hansen (Tracey Reese, all 75-80% full) - $3 each

Beet Stain

Fast Forward



Other Brands

Cetuem 163 (purple duochrome, used only 1x but the bottle didn't come completely full) - $8

Chinoiserie Plexi (85% full) - $5

Glitter Gal White $5

Inglot XL7, 80% full - $5

Lancome Le 54 - $10

Ozotic Pro 526 (black holo!) - $12

RGB White - $11

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic - $4

TiNS The Happy Milk, 90% full - $15

5 StrangeBeautiful polishes plus the plexiglass case - $20 (without case, $18)

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Tamara said...


maybe I missed it somewhere, but do you ship to Europe?


flinty said...

Ack! I keep on forgetting to put that yes, I do ship internationally.

missah said...

Is Bleu poison still available? How much will it be to be sent to Australia?
The contact us button isn't working for me><"

Irene said...

Hi there- I submitted a contact us form yesterday about the Dior bleu poison nail polish but I'm not sure if it went through. Would you mind emailing me back at izhang702@gmail.com? Thanks!

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

If there are some more images of this product it will be so great. However thanks for sharing.

square glitter

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