Friday, July 1, 2011

Nubar Baby Sprout and Essie Kisses and Bises

Despite its imperfections (umm, I don't know why my Poshe has developed black lint... wtf??) I loved both of these NOTDs.

Nubar Baby Sprout

A little bit on the stark side, Baby Sprout is a light pastel green with very fine pearly shimmer. It does appear creme in lower lights but as soon as the sun hits it, the pearly finish comes out. This was three coats (on the second day of wear, I believe).

Nubar Baby Sprout and Essie Kisses and Bises

And I was just OBSESSED with this manicure. I had read that Kisses and Bises was really a very neat layering polish but I didn't think that this pink/purple shimmer in a mostly clear base would wow me as much as it did. It added such depth and interest to Baby Sprout! It's subtle and playful at the same time. Love it. I used one coat of Baby Sprout.

Closeup of Baby Sprout and Kisses and Bises
See! The fabulous! shimmer. :) Ignore the freakin' lint. :(

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Nailderella said...

Kisses and Bises looks gorgeous!! I loooove it!
Very nice mani!

Just me and Hohner said...

Love the Essie perly one :)

Suz said...

amazing combination! me like!

Anonymous said...

Interesting combo! It grew on me, first I didn't like it, but now I want it..

beachgal said...

I am so all over Essie Kisses and Bisses for an overlay. Even if you are super lazy and don't usually get around to doing an overlay, ya gotta get Kisses and Bisses into your stash and USE IT! I am constantly astounded at what it does to a whole variety of shades. I am always 'trying' a new polish swatch on a sheet of white paper. I make 3 swatches now days. One I leave as is, one gets K&B, the last one gets something else (sometimes I split that swatch with 2 other biggies great for overlays - Essie's Sequin Sash (it's a non glitter glitter that won't have you rubbing your fingers raw trying to get it off when it's time to change. Another super pop one with me is an overlay of OPI I Juggle Men. The latter is the ONLY one that was worth much of anything out of 2011 OPIs' standard yearly release of their late winter nothing sheer colors aimed at being a LTD ED to their bridal collection.

So many of us have loved the subtle glow that shows up in Essie Smooth Sailing. Well Kisses & Bisses and help add that similar type of calm flash of 'something' that no one can tell (but you) if coming from inside your polish or if it MIGHT be an overlay.

It's a gotta have in every stash. About the only shades it does nothing for or to are some super darks and bright reds. However I have put it over even Essie Brazillian (bright orange) when I was sad that it looked better in the bottle than on...Kisses and Bisses came to my resuce and gave it that something interesting I thought would be there already. You won't ever tire of it -it's one of those RARE colors that just morphs depending on what you are overlaying it to. Don't even think of it as overlay if you tend to be like me - lazy. Think of K&B as your first coat of a clear top coat.

Thanks sooooooo much for pulling this one together and posting it. While I am a non fan of Baby Sprout because of it's chalky look, Kisses & Bisses comes to it's rescue!!!

peripatetic33 said...

nice combo

Lucy said...

These are both beautiful! Kisses and Blisses is really fantastic. I have to get it.

Jill said...

I saw Essie Kisses and Bisses in a sale bin at Trade Secret for $2. Now I'm kicking myself for not getting it!!

Olivia Frescura said...

that's a very coool combo!

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

LOVE that combination!

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