Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nicole ...Spotted! over Dior Nirvana

Nicole ...Spotted! over Dior Nirvana
Nicole ...Spotted! (one of the dumber polish names, imo) is multicolored (blue, gold) and multisized glitter (some hex, some micro) suspended in a turquoise jelly. The polish alone is pretty sheer so I layered it over Dior Nirvana, whose color is pretty much a perfect match for the Nicole jelly. It was less sparkly than I expected it to be, leading me to suspect that it might actually be a better layering polish over a contrasting color. Still, it was a nice way to extend my Nirvana manicure for another day before I got bored of it. :)

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beachgal said...

Sort of meah. I like the Dior alone frankly. Why cover up a high $ great shade?

Big Sky Girl said...

the reason this one is called ...Spotted! is because it was part of a Gossip Girl collection last fall. That's one of the taglines of the show. :)

Anonymous said...

I like it! I pretty much always throw some glitter or duochrome over my creme manicure to extend it one more day. Keeps it interesting when you're on a busy schedule.

cheetah_pita said...

Reminds me of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

Lucy said...

I always learn something from reading the comments. I don't watch Gossip Girl so I had no idea where the name came from. Pretty combination.

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