Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gateway drug - SpaRitual Sacred Ground

So this is a bit of a story...

As some of you know, I have a strict "brand rule". I stick to a couple brands that I know work for me and have good lasting power for two primary reasons - a.) it limits my spending and b.) saves me the frustration of trying to get formulas to work for me that just...don't.

I placed an online order a while back and included some polishes a friend wanted - one of them being SpaRitual's Sacred Ground. The company accidentally sent me two of them, so I felt it was destiny for me to try it out...before I gave it away of course.

Lo and behold, I loved it.

(The pictures I took looked so much colourful in Photoshop when I cropped them. Somehow when I put them in here, the depth and beauty of the shimmer was lost. Maybe it will work on some of your monitors and it's just Blogger being weird??)

A gorgeous polish...a gunmetal grey base that seems to have hints of smoky purple and/or green...with warm gold and purple shimmer. Incredible, without being over the top. AND the formula was great. I now count SpaRitual and Orly as "allowed brands"...I wonder if this will be really bad for my wallet?

Have you tried SpaRitual? What do you think?


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Fashion Footing said...

I love this color! I've never tried SpaRitual before but this is lovely.

Unknown said...

How pretty is that! I can mostly see the purple shimmer and I love it already.
Sadly I've never owned any SpaRitual polishes.

That phenomenon with the pictures looking different in Photoshop: I recently had the same photo open in Photoshop Elements, Windows Explorer, on Flicker and in Windows Live Writer. The bugger looked different in each of them. That's part of why I only tweak the colour when a purple turns completely blue, minor changes are pointless.

Complete sidenote: I may have squealed a little a while ago when I first saw your alias, I'm silly about cake.

Grace said...

That's really pretty. I've never tried any spa ritual - I guess I sort of have a brand rule as well, although I think I just sort of happened on it and now I stick to it arbitrarily. I did order my first Misas and I've only swatched them, but I was pretty impressed by how non-streaky the light colors were... could be trouble for my wallet.

This reminds me a bit of the Tudor polishes from RBL, which, I NEED to make room in my fall polish lineup to bust those out again. I have so many untrieds, but those are just so gorgeous.

KarenD said...

I have bought SpaRitual but haven't gotten around to trying them yet. This one looks so pretty--it's on my wish list.

Unknown said...

This looks pretty! I've been planning to try SpaRitual but I haven't got a chance yet, I'll definitely give them a go soon.

mrsrexy said...

I have a few SpaRituals and have wore a bunch of them too and have no complaints!

I adore this colour; I'm (im)patiently waiting for this polish to make it to my area!

Courtney Graham Hipp said...

It's beautiful - I think I need that one! I haven't tried SpaRitual but I love Orly polishes. I can add SpaRitual as an "allowed brand" if I kick something off the list, like Lippmann, lol. (Don't want to do that, though - it's a rare indulgence.) If I change my polish buying test question from "Do you have something pretty much this exact color," to "Do you have this color, or would you even WEAR this color," I would be in good shape. I bought several funky, gorgeous yellows this year, only to donate them all in one fell swoop after realizing/admitting that, no matter how great they looked NEXT to my hand, they were all death ON my hand.

A friend was wearing SpaRitual's "Can You Dig It?" last weekend and it was so pretty - possibly similar to this color, but a little darker/warmer/less obvious shimmer?

Where can I find SpaRitual online?

Thanks -


Polish Vixen Marisa said...

I love this brand and I just bought this polish! I can't wait to get it on for sure!! XOXO

Annick said...

Totally agree with the "brand rule". I do the same. Unless I'm suggested something out of my realm that is guaranteed to have a great formula. Sticking to the basics is perfect for the addict.

Love the polish by the way. I wish we had more Spa Rituals available here.

Dodz said...

I had a mani/pedi with SpaRitual at a ritzy spa. I loved the story and intentions behind the brand, BUT, it left my nails and toenails super yellow. This rarely happens to me (I chose a red and plum, and I wear similar colours all the time), so I was a bit disappointed. Colours were amazing, though.

Inge (PolishSis) said...

I recently tried some SpaRitual polishes and I also was pleasantly surprised by the great quality. This one is awesome, looking forward to ge my hands on this one when I can

Mops Bria said...

Where do you get this brand?

Georgiana said...

I had the luck to win 8 SpaRitual polishes - i've swatched 5 of them on my blog. I really, really liked the formula and plan on buying more! :)

Eat.Sleep.Polish. said...

I've never tried any of these-but I LOVE this! Beautiful!

Beyond Blush said...

Love this colour! I just received some SpaRitual colours yesterday, but I haven't tried them out yet. You've gotten me excited!

Lesley said...

so in love! this is beautiful!

The Lacquered Lady said...

I saw this color as well and almost purchased it. Please let us know how well it holds up. I've never tried the brand before.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

If I saw this polish and color, I would get it. I think it is very gorgeous.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this polish! So much shimmer, and it is PERFECT for the season!

kittytokaren said...

@Fashion Footing - It's quite a special colour - it deserves a look for sure!

@CucumPear - I typically never tweak the colour in Photoshop before I upload here - unless I take a pic in the dark, which is rare. I do use PS for cropping and for smudging out an ugly cut on my finger or something like that! (PS YAY! Another Cake fan!!!!)

@Grace - This totally reminded me of the Tudor polishes as well - I think it's basically the best parts of all of them!

@KarenD - Which ones did you buy?

@Salla - They deserve a shot, I tell you!

@mrsrexy - I had to order online - I have no idea where to get this in my area :(

@Courtney - Ahhh don't feel bad - yellow is horrifically difficult to get right. :( I still dont have one I"m happy with! I bought my SpaRituals from

@Polish Vixen Marisa - Ooo yay! Great minds!

@annie - Me too - I never get to see them in person.

@Dodz - Ooooo that sounds fabulous. I'm surprised they yellowed your nails :( What b/c did they use?

@PolishSis - Let me know how you like it!

@wrongideabria -

@YellowJade - Nice!!! I am checking out your blgo now :)

@EatSleepPolish - I think you should try it :)

@OPIAddict - Which ones did you get?

@Lesley - Aww thanks :)

@The Lacquered Lady - I already wore this for a full mani by the time I posted the pic. It held up great :)

@Kimberly - I think so too :) It's quite special

@imfeeling - Yes! It is so very fall...


Anonymous said...

I just bought Sacred Ground and Howl from Aveyou too. What great service they have. I got a little green bag thingy with my order...cute.
These were my first SpaRituals and I'm addicted. I was so apprehensive about paying $10 a bottle, but they're gorgeous and the formula is amazing. All of the colors in the fall collection are amazingly glowy, but I'm happy with the two I got.
On a side note...did your bottles smell, like, ridiculously strong? I smelled the polish before I even opened the package, and when I was applying Sacred Ground my nose was full of sharp polish smell. It went away, but jeez.

DonnaTheBwana said...

I love Spa Ritual (and Orly, too)-- their formula is wonderful!! I have this one, Howl, Running with Wolves, Spirit Child, and Rhythm of Life from the Fall collection plus some of their glass flecks. All of them are among my favorite polishes.

Lucy said...

I don't own any of this brand. There are many that I want! This is really pretty. Love the shimmer in this. Now you might try other brands that have failed before. Might well be very dangerous for your wallet.

beachgal said...

I got this entire SR fall collection in mid July - not sure how the person I got them from had hands on it so early - but in Europe some of the collections hit long before they do here I have found. They have had the Muppets already for quite some time.

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