Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vamps for October: Essie Lacy not Racy

I think Kitty2Karen's getting to me. I am becoming an Essie convert.

I've had this and Rock the Croc in my storage for a year or so, and have reached for the latter as a pedi a few times. (Love it!). But I think this might be taking over in the preference stakes, it's gorgeous. Super dark red, that doesn't lean burgundy. It's like a bloody good Shiraz.

Aside from the fact that it's seriously hot, the application was amazing. Three coats, and the Essie brush is so little and perfect that I was able to get away with hardly any clean up. It's so shiny, even before seche vite (but with the magic top coat, I went from bare nails to dry mani in less than half an hour). I still had it on to teach my classes a full week later with barely any tip wear. It's fantastic.

So, as a new Essie fangirl, what else must I have? I just cheated on my no-buy (which has been going really well, thanks to the fact that I'm broke anyway) by ordering Geranium.

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Fingers said...

You must have Wicked, Little Brown Dress, Midnight Cami, Sexy Divide I can keep going if you want! I love Essie, I have this red and just love it and this brand!

Elizedge said...

Wrapped in Rubies, Over the Edge, Tart Deco! (your nails are amazing!)

sonidlo said...

Stunning nail polish and nails! I´ve been an Essie fun for a long time :)

Candy said...

I found that even though I havent tried many Essie polishes (just one, but I am so changing that!), they wear really really well. I love that color! Thanks for posting this :)

Mooni said...

I just ordered this color ! All your fault :)

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

lovely nails and color!

cora mae said...

GORGEOUS! i love it. as a die-hard essie fan (i really have to love a color to deviate from this brand) i have lots of recommendations. glad to see you bought geranium, which i maintain as my #1 favorite pedicure color.

other fabulous vampy red colors:
-wicked (i wear this ALL the time)
-material girl

alligator purse is a great red/orange autumn polish.

and though you don't seem to be as into edgy neutrals as i am, i would still recommend lady like as it's both unusual and sophisticated all at once -- and it's as close to pink as i'm willing to get (wore this for my weding with geranium on my toes!)

Piff said...

omgosh - that looks so good i could eat it

Lucy said...

Just plain gorgeous! Nothing lovelier than a beautiful deep shade like this.

Sandi said...

Another vote for Bordeaux although I prefer Aruba to Midnight Cami, and Swing Velvet is a favorite.

ilexica said...

Thank you for all the lovely suggestions! I have bookmarked this post to go back to so I can input them into a spreadsheet (the stats nerd's organisational tool of choice).

Cora Mae - I actually love edgy neutrals, I currently have on Models Own nude beige which looks a lot like lady like actually (albeit a bit less pink). I really want brooch the subject from the new collection also. :)

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