Saturday, November 12, 2011

American Apparel California Trooper

(2 coats)

When others are turning to browns and bronzes in the Autumn, I turn to putties. They're in season but still work with my skin color.

I love this polish. It applies really well and chipping is not terrible despite the large amount of pigment in the polish.

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Anna Elizabeth said...

I love that color! I've been wanting to try the American Apparel polishes foreverrrr.

The Lacquered Lady said...

Love that on your skin tone! I picked up three AA polishes when I was in Michigan. Kicking myself for not picking up more.

Lucy said...

I'd also love to try this brand. This is a lovely shade on you. I have quite a few putty shades. There was an Avon polish out in the 1980's that I loved. Don't remember the name but it was a perfect shade for me. Also a Revlon named Santa Fe Sand. I email Revlon but they just said it wasn't made anymore. The Revlon was another perfect polish for me.

April said...

If I could only have one polish for the rest of time I would choose California Trooper. It goes great with everything!

Piff said...

Anna - Try one dude!

Lacquered Lady - Thanks

Lucy - Try an AA!

April - Totally!

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