Sunday, November 20, 2011

China Glaze Secret Peri-Winkle

I wore this to a conference. The conference itself wasn't great - interesting, but basically irrelevant to my research, and absolutely not worth flogging through four countries with the flu for - but I did like my mani. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a picture of it until it had been on 8 days (and my outgrowth is not pretty) but I did dig up some old pictures from the last time I wore it.

It's a very pretty pale-ish violet-leaning blue. Cream finish, but very slightly sheer, so although two coats gives full coverage, there is VNL in bright light. It's a bit less bight than these pictures suggest. Here's one from the most recent wear that's probably more colour accurate (sorry that it's looking a bit battered, and hi cat!).

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Lydia said...

These are my favourite types of colour! I own this one but don't wear it often enough, I may have to get it out for my next manicure xx

Georgiana said...

This looks so, so pretty on you! I have Essie Lapis of Luxury, which is similar, and haven't worn it in months! I really miss it now that I saw your pics :)

Sia said...

I love this colour! XOXO

beachgal said...

I also like this shade but don't won it. I have picked it up and put it back a bunch of times. I think it might be time for it to come home with me - and try it with some of the many silver toppers I ended up getting this yr going with the silver glitters stronger on the tip with a ombre gradient back to just shy of mid tip.

Lucy said...

Hope your feeling better now. I have Secret Periwinkle. It's a gorgeous shade. Looks wonderful on you. I would have played it safe & worn a neutral on my nails. Your brave wearing this color while traveling.

Taylor McDonnell said...

gorgeous!! i just received this one in a swap!

ReecesPeeces said...

Gah I do not know why I do not own this!

ilexica said...

Lydia - it is a really nice colour . I love blues but this is less 'violent' than some I own. Goes really well with grey, too.

Georgiana - I hear they are quite alike. I've not tried the Essie, though!

Sia - me too!

Beachgal - I would recommend it. It's nicely versatile and (ahem) wears really well.

Lucy - thanks, I'm feeling fine now! I just got hammered by every undergrad virus for the whole of the first half of the semester. I did think of picking a neutral but my wardrobe was totally neutral (grey, black, white and brown) and I only brought nude makeup, so I wanted a pop of colour somewhere!.

Taylor - hope you enjoy it!

Reecespeeces - I find myself saying that a lot ;)

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