Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nails Inc The Donmar Collection

I approached the new Nails Inc flakey duos with some hesitation. On one hand, FLAKIES. On the same hand, Sephora VIB status (time runnin' out to qualify for the next year). And on the other hand, however: the cost. And besides, I already have plenty of flakies and I have plenty of vampy colors. So I picked up two of the three sets and turned out really liking one of them (and feeling extremely meh about the other one). This one is the one I liked. Or rather, LOVED.

Nails Inc The Donmar Collection (Donmar over Chelsea)

It took four coats of Donmar but lookit all the flakies! Bronze, green, blue, gold... all at once, one at a time, all over the place. So damn good. I'm pretty sure I have an NFU.oh that's very similar but the execution of this one is just gorgeous. 

Closeup of gorgeousness (i.e. Donmar over Chelsea)

 Nails Inc Chelsea on its own

It's a bit of a dime a dozen color (and this one costs considerably more dimes than I generally like spending on polishes that I have dupes for). But this is such a lovely deep purple-tinted-brown jelly. Two coats. Marvelous application. Nails Inc seriously knows how to do polishes and I'm so glad they're much easier to get ahold of now that Sephora carries them!

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strī-linga said...

i loooooooooooove flakies.

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Gorgeous! I love all those flakies! :)

Sabine said...

I like the flakie Top coat but it reminds me too much of Hidden Treasure or 2010...

Sia said...

I have a nail polish like that from a brand called Gosh! XOXO

Fashion Footing said...

I just posted this collection today :-) Your photo's are much better though :-) I love the flakies. So cool!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous polish. It worth all the layers of polish.

Sirena Sparklestar said...

So pretty!

Fingers said...

I love Chelsea all on her own!! So sexy, vampy! That flaky reminds me of the Luxe Effects Essie and the Nubar etc!

flinty said...

Sabine: YES, thank you. I was having a huge brain meltdown about which flakies I had that were similar. I can't believe I forgot about those.

Sia: I didn't realize that GOSH had a flakie! I'm gonna go google that right now.

Fashion Footing: Great minds. :)

Lucy: Totally agree.

Fingers: Is Luxe effects really very similar?

Stri, Christina, Sirena: thanks! :)

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