Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Color Club Artsy Crafty (Back to Boho, Fall 2011)

There's something really off about the name of this polish... like it should rhyme, but it really doesn't.

Color Club Artsy Crafty
One of the major hurdles I have to swatching again is that I have a huge backlog of nail polishes to go through (especially since some of them were sent by PR departments, such as this one). Sigh. But this was lovely: a wonderful dusty-ish teal creme. It was just a tad uneven with two coats so this is three. 

Speaking of being artsy crafty, I made boxers for my SO! :) There's a great story about how my SO underestimated his waist size (vanity sizing, not just for women!) but I don't know that he'd like me sharing his actual waist size here. 

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Ashesela said...

Gorgeous polish and great job on the boxers!! They are so cute! XD

Anonymous said...

Love the boxers :) maybe my hubby will find something similar under the xmas tree this year!
I had such a hard time photographing AC, Sweden has too little sun this time of the year. I think I'll give it another try in... may!

Lacquer Addicts Anonymous said...

Are those squirrel boxers? XD

flinty said...

Ashesela: Thanks! They were the first piece of clothing I ever finished constructing.

Lacky: Boxers are probably going to be my go-to gift from now on. I have so many adorable prints that would be hilarious as boxers.

Lacquer Addicts: Haha, yep! It's this fabric:

Lucy said...

Love the pattern on the boxers. Is that squirel looking for nuts? Love the polish shade.

Fab Fingertips. said...

Lucy's comment has made me proper laugh so much!!

The boxers and the polish are both great!

flinty said...

Lucy: Hahahaha. Yes, it's a map to "buried treasure". ;)

Fab: Thanks! :)

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